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The Paradigm Shift in the Mid-Level Market - Why executives are embracing the cloud and managed services

By Special Guest
As executives consider their need for outsourcing partners and cloud applications based on these drivers, they naturally want to evaluate the return on investment (ROI). What they find is that the benefits of transitioning to the cloud and leveraging a third-party partner to manage these critical applications is compelling.

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Delta Risk Increases its Security Profile With the Acquisition of Allied InfoSecurity
By: Michael Guta
For organizations with a digital presence, the risks in today's highly complex and interconnected world are increasing at an alarming rate. The threat actors can come from anywhere, and they are relentless in their pursuit to exploit any vulnerabilit… - 07/21/2016

Xcentric Enlists Netwrix to Pass SOC 2 Audit
By: Casey Houser
Xcentric provides its managed services to firms in the accounting industry. It offers accounting clients consulting, cloud services, and help desk features to take the heavy lifting away from those clients' on-premise responsibilities. - 07/20/2016

UnifyCloud's CloudRecon System Brings New Value to SAM Live!
By: Steve Anderson
When it comes to cloud-based systems these days, there's no shortage of options. There are cloud-based services to cover a variety of different waterfronts, from storage to video conferencing and beyond. Making the right moves in the cloud, therefore… - 07/12/2016

Evolving Systems Renews Managed Services Agreement with Middle East Operator
By: Frank Griffin
Today's smart phones have the same computing capabilities of personal computers we used less than 10 years ago. This makes them an ideal device not only to communicate, but to also access and deliver large amounts of information. For mobile service p… - 07/08/2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Australian MSP BigAir Buys CyberHound
By: Paula Bernier
BigAir Group Ltd. has announced the acquisition of CyberHound Pty Ltd., providing it with additional cybersecurity and cybersafety capabilities, a broader customer base, and the ability to scale its business. - 07/06/2016

Coriant to Build Transport Infrastructure for Racks Central
By: Michael Guta
The deployment of each new data center incorporates lessons learned from previous facilities to optimize every aspect of the infrastructure, with the eventual goal of improving overall operational efficiency. This includes being able to provide innov… - 06/30/2016