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Calling All MSPs: You Need to Solve the Data Mobility Problem

By Special Guest
Few groups are more familiar with these issues than MSPs, and few are more aware that working around the problem is no longer an option. By avoiding the common mistakes noted below and addressing data mobility head-on, you can knock down the obstacles that once held you back and ensure a seamless cloud transition for your clients.

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Yorktel Ends 2015 On a High Note, Looks Ahead to 2016
By: Kyle Piscioniere
At this year's ITEXPO, TMC reporters got the opportunity to interview key players from attending companies. One of the most insightful interviews came from Yorktel's Vishal Brown, who sat down with Erik Linask to discuss Yorktel's killer 2015, the fu… - 02/10/2016

Carousel Industries Hires Exec for Managed Services Lineup
By: Frank Griffin
The right talent can propel businesses to new heights, and in the IT sector companies go all out to acquire the person they think will make that possible. As the market continues to grow in the managed services and cloud-based IT consumption segments… - 02/09/2016

Stefanini Makes the Case for Nearshoring
By: Rory Lidstone
As long as the concept has existed, there has always been an argument to be made for nearshoring business, IT or service processes rather than outsourcing them. However, none of the traditional arguments are as enticing as when a major global IT outs… - 02/08/2016

Telecom Consulting Group to Start Offering NetFortis Services
By: Michael Guta
Cloud communications has removed the limitations of premises based solutions, while at the same time providing price points organizations of any size can afford. And as more technologies are introduced into the IT ecosystem of companies, being able t… - 02/04/2016

HotLink Leverages Amazon Web Services for Fully-Managed DRaaS Solution
By: Frank Griffin
In term of disaster readiness, more than 70 percent of companies are failing, and close to 60 percent rarely or never test their DR plans, according to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council. At a time when virtually every organization is relying… - 01/29/2016

Brown Talks Yorktel, Flexible Workspace & the Importance of Hypercare
By: Paula Bernier
The company saw a 17 percent increase in revenue year over year, as reported in March, noted Yorktel's Vishal Brown. Business in the EMEA region, he said, spiked 50 percent from 2013 to 2014, and Yorktel's 2015 numbers will be out shortly. And the fa… - 01/28/2016