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The Paradigm Shift in the Mid-Level Market - Why executives are embracing the cloud and managed services

By Special Guest
As executives consider their need for outsourcing partners and cloud applications based on these drivers, they naturally want to evaluate the return on investment (ROI). What they find is that the benefits of transitioning to the cloud and leveraging a third-party partner to manage these critical applications is compelling.

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Managed Services Providers (MSPs) play an integral role in the reliability and dependability of IT services. Through network administration, support and centralized services for end customers, MSPs are able to manage IT for clients - off premise, and for a fraction of the cost. Managed services can include IP telephony, VPNs, monitoring and reporting, and more. MSPToday offers MSP professionals and the end user community up-to-date news and headlines on latest happenings in the Managed Services industry.

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Platform9 Offers Kubernetes Orchestration as a Managed Service
By: Paula Bernier
Kubernetes, which was created by Google, is a container orchestration solution. In fact, it's considered the leading container orchestration solution. (Orchestration in this context involves turning on and off of containers, assigning apps to contain… - 06/21/2016

Managed Home Security Will Mean Big Business in Europe Soon
By: Steve Anderson
Whether home security means an alarm system, a shotgun, or a big angry dog, home security means the world to a lot of users out there. The old adage about a home being a castle still resonates within the souls of homeowners, or even home renters, and… - 06/20/2016

Aerohive's AdvantageMSP Partner Program Drives Managed Service Focus
By: Steve Anderson
When businesses so clearly want a certain breed of service provided, those who aren't willing to provide it-or work toward providing as close a facsimile as possible-potential providers are leaving money on the table. Thus a move like Aerohive's repr… - 06/20/2016

European MSP Market Shows Growth but Variability
By: Casey Houser
The smaller markets of Bulgeria, Slovakia, and Turkey appear to carry the continent with their double-digit growth while many other larger countries such as France, Germany, Netherlands, and U.K. bring down the average with more modest figures. Then … - 06/20/2016

One Major Audit Later, Trianz Lands MSP Status with AWS
By: Steve Anderson
With so many companies getting involved in cloud-based services these days, it's easy to see Rao's point about needing to have a way to differentiate a firm from the huge slate of competitors in the field. - 06/16/2016

365squared Launches New Messenger Service
By: Andrew Bindelglass
Managed services provider 365squared announced earlier today that it is launching a new messenger service called 365 messenger. It is a cloud-based enterprise messaging platform that is especially appealing to businesses. The reason for this is, due … - 05/31/2016