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Got Monitoring Sprawl? Try Monitoring as a Service

By Special Guest
The other option was to invest in a more robust monitoring solution, such as a software suite. These suites have larger feature sets, for sure, but are far from problem free. Deploying them can be a huge, expensive project. Then, once they're deployed, managing them and keeping them up and running isn't any easier.

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Managed Services Providers (MSPs) play an integral role in the reliability and dependability of IT services. Through network administration, support and centralized services for end customers, MSPs are able to manage IT for clients - off premise, and for a fraction of the cost. Managed services can include IP telephony, VPNs, monitoring and reporting, and more. MSPToday offers MSP professionals and the end user community up-to-date news and headlines on latest happenings in the Managed Services industry.

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Mtextbox Launches Managed IT Services Offering
By: Paula Bernier
Mtextbox recently rolled out fully managed IT services in Baltimore, Md. This offering was created to help organizations hand off the management and maintenance of their IT infrastructure to an outside expert in the field, the company said. The servi… - 05/24/2016

Acrodex Releases InfinIT Managed Services Offering
By: Casey Houser
As a subsidiary of PCM, a manufacturer of network switches, Acrodex now offers its expertise in security and attention to client goals in the new InfinIT managed services offering. - 05/13/2016

Global Cloud-Based Managed Services Market to See Steady Growth Until 2020
By: Rory Lidstone
Technavio has released its latest market study about the global cloud-based managed services market and it seems the prognosis is positive. - 04/27/2016

Malware, Ransomware Meets Their Match
By: Rory J. Thompson
If you're hit with either one, you're in for a world of hurt. In both cases, your systems will be negatively affected for some time, and it will cost you a bundle of money to un-do the damage, providing that option is even offered. What can a savvy C… - 04/20/2016

Telecom Italia Sparkle and 365squared Launch SMS Booster
By: Rory Lidstone
Sparkle, the International Services arm of Telecom Italia Group, this week announced the launch of a new service alongside 356squared, an international managed services provider that specializes in mobile solutions. Called SMS Booster, the new servic… - 04/18/2016

Why Our MSP Wants to Switch Back to Kaseya from LabTech
By: Rich Tehrani
I have been fortunate enough to cover the technology space since the 80s and 90s - being immersed in the latest and greatest tech in the world and reporting it to you. Back when magazines were all the rage, I was fortunate to launch one called CTI - … - 04/08/2016