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Cloud CTO Rant: Everything I Hate About Cloud

By Mike Chase
The cloud is anything but boring. Like everything in humanity, the spectrum of talent runs the gambit insofar that the maxim, "It doesn't take all types, we just have all types," is just as true in the online world as in real time. So, no matter how horrific the digital landscape looks out there, you just can't take your eyes off it.

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Managed Service Provider Week in Review
By: Laura Stotler
CloudPhysics also made enhancements to its SaaS-based cloud platform this week, offering insight into virtual infrastructure throughout a data center environment. A significant new feature is Global Insights for VMware users, which enable benchmarkin… - 08/30/2014

1st Point Communications is Helping the Cloud Take Shape
By: Mae Kowalke
With the emergence of the cloud as the way that enterprises deploy their IT infrastructure, the role of the data center is changing quite a bit. "The role of the data center as a service provider obviously is changing substantially," noted Erik Levit… - 08/28/2014

Continuum Integrates Cloud-Based MaaS360 MDM Solution to Create Comprehensive MSP Offering
By: Laura Stotler
MDM solutions like MaaS360 offer a host of benefits to MSPs and their customers, including reduced costs for supporting mobile workers since no consultants or IT resources are required to maintain the solution. And since MaaS360 is deployed as SaaS, … - 08/28/2014

A Unified Solution for Monitoring Mixed Networks
By: Lavanya Rathnam
Virtualization has become an integral part of today's networking. Its increasing use has given rise to a network architecture that is a mix of both physical and virtual networks. The introduction of virtual networks has increased flexibility and agil… - 08/27/2014