ICYMI: News Around the MSP Industry

ICYMI: News Around the MSP Industry

By Greg Tavarez

MSPs must prioritize staying ahead of the curve. This means actively monitoring emerging trends and readily adopting new technologies such as Securonix EON, a suite of AI-reinforced capabilities to transform CyberOps in the face of new AI-powered threats, and Nagomi Security helping clients get the most out of their current cybersecurity tools.

Understanding these trends allows MSPs to anticipate future client needs and proactively develop solutions. This proactive approach positions them as trusted advisers, not just reactive IT support.

Additionally, integrating emerging technologies like AI, cloud computing and advanced security solutions streamlines internal processes, improves efficiency and leads to better client service.

With that said, here are some more trends and emerging solutions you might have missed:

Circle Security Partners with SailPoint to Eliminate Credential-Driven Threats

Circle Security, a platform for decentralized threat prevention, partnered with SailPoint Technologies to enhance security and access control for SailPoint customers. This partnership integrates Circle's credential-free authentication into the SailPoint platform.

Circle's solution leverages a combination of authorized devices, biometric authentication and continuous cryptographic signing to enable secure access across various devices and contexts without traditional login methods. This shift from a "Detect & Respond" to a "Prevention-first" approach aims to eliminate the attack surface associated with credential-driven attacks like phishing and social engineering.

Benefits for SailPoint customers include zero cloud attack surface, reduced risk of data breaches and identity impersonation, no single point of failure and frictionless login experience.

Delinea Introduces Privilege Control for Servers

Delinea launched Privilege Control for Servers, a new solution within its platform that enforces "least privilege" principles on critical systems. This aims to combat stolen credentials, restrict lateral movement and enhance overall security.

Delinea's platform now grants just-in-time and just-enough privileges to limit the damage from compromised credentials and ransomware attacks. It combines vaulting, remote access, and privilege controls to prevent lateral movement and enforce stricter access policies. The platform also leverages MFA and session recording to further secure privileged access and meet compliance requirements.

This new solution strengthens Delinea's platform and provides a secure approach to privileged access management.

Bitdefender Releases GravityZone CSPM+ to Secure Multi-Cloud Environments

Bitdefender introduced GravityZone CSPM+, a comprehensive cloud security posture management, or CSPM, solution designed to address the growing complexities and security risks associated with managing public cloud environments.

GravityZone CSPM+ incorporates threat detection and response capabilities alongside cloud infrastructure entitlement management, or CIEM. The solution automates the detection of misconfigurations and overprivileged identities to help reduce the risk of breaches capitalizing on these vulnerabilities. GravityZone CSPM+ also simplifies compliance reporting by providing out-of-the-box templates and automated mapping for various regulatory frameworks.

Bitdefender GravityZone CSPM+ is an ideal solution for securing multi-cloud environments by combining configuration management, threat detection and identity access management in a single platform.

CyberArk Launches CyberArk Secure Browser

CyberArk launched CyberArk Secure Browser, an identity-centric secure browser designed to address the growing security risks associated with web browser usage in cloud-based environments.

Secure Browser integrates with existing security infrastructure, enforces access controls, and prevents unauthorized access even after login. It eliminates the need to store or save passwords and provides secure access to both on-premises resources and SaaS applications from any device.

This solution addresses the challenge of unsecured web browsing, a key vulnerability highlighted by research showing that many employees engage in risky practices like using the same browser for personal and work activities and saving login credentials.

Netrix Global Partners with Akamai Technologies

Netrix Global, a managed security service provider, announced a partnership with Akamai Technologies to offer Akamai's microsegmentation services.

Recognized for its expertise in security solutions, Netrix will provide professional and managed services for Akamai Guardicore Segmentation. This partnership aims to make microsegmentation technology more accessible and easier to implement for clients.

Akamai Guardicore Segmentation helps visualize network activity, enforce Zero Trust principles and quickly detect potential breaches, mitigating the risk of ransomware and other attacks.

This partnership aims to better equip businesses with security solutions to combat evolving threats and protect their digital assets within complex cloud environments.

These trends and solutions provided a glimpse into some of the latest advancements and partnerships shaping the cybersecurity landscape. Remember, MSPs need to be positioned as trusted advisers capable of anticipating and addressing future security needs if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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