Securonix EON Outsmarts Cybercriminals with AI-Enhanced Insider Threat Detection and Threat Modeling

Securonix EON Outsmarts Cybercriminals with AI-Enhanced Insider Threat Detection and Threat Modeling

By Greg Tavarez

We’ve seen the many trends and benefits AI brings to businesses across our Future of Work and GenAI Today sites. Yet, AI also presents a concerning trend - cybercriminals weaponize its capabilities for malicious purposes.

AI can automate tasks like vulnerability scanning and exploit development, which allows criminals to launch attacks at a much faster pace and scale. This makes it harder for defenses to keep up, particularly against persistent attacks.

AI can also analyze vast amounts of data to craft highly targeted phishing emails, social media messages or even deepfakes that mimic real people. This personalized approach makes it easier to bypass human suspicion and trick victims into revealing sensitive information or clicking malicious links.

Furthermore, AI algorithms can be used to generate new malware variants that evade traditional detection methods. These threats slip through security filters and infect systems undetected.

The consequences of weaponized AI are far-reaching. It can lead to widespread data breaches, financial losses and disruption of critical infrastructure, and even physical harm. This requires action, and stepping up to the challenge is Securonix with the launch of Securonix EON, a suite of AI-reinforced capabilities to transform CyberOps in the face of new AI-powered threats.

Securonix has a mission to secure the world by staying ahead of cyber threats. For example, Securonix Unified Defense SIEM provides organizations with an AI-reinforced threat detection, investigation and response solution built with a cybersecurity mesh architecture on a highly scalable data cloud.

Building on Securonix's AI legacy, Securonix EON responds to challenges caused by AI threats by using Amazon Bedrock to provide a unified analyst experience with advanced AI-reinforced capabilities.

For context, Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service from AWS that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models — like Claude 3 — from AI companies through a single API, along with a broad set of capabilities organizations need to build generative AI applications with security, privacy and responsible AI.

As part of the first phase of innovation, Securonix EON will include Insider Threat Psycholinguistics, Adaptive Threat Modeling and InvestigateRX, all AI-reinforced capabilities.

Here is how Securonix EON works:

Powered by Amazon's technology, Securonix analyzes user language and behavior to assess potential insider threats. The feature identifies suspicious activities and potential malicious intent behind user actionsby focusing on areas like financial crimes and data obfuscation.

Using machine learning, Securonix builds dynamic threat models that automatically link suspicious activities and anomalies into attack chains. This will let security teams quickly identify previously unseen attack patterns in real-time.

Securonix also automatically gathers relevant information from various sources and presents it to analysts in a clear and concise summary. This saves investigators around 15 minutes per incident.

These features line up with the cornerstone of Securonix's approach that rests on three core pillars:

  • Reinforce the platform with AI so human intervention happens at the most critical moments, while AI handles the manual, repetitive tasks.
  • Apply a cybersecurity mesh architecture to seamlessly and agnostically integrate any security tool, clouds, and data lakes.
  • Deliver a frictionless experience with reduced noise, an intuitive UI and targeted threat intelligence that frees analysts from the tedious task of manual log analysis and endless alert triage.

From these principles, Securonix EON extends the capabilities of the company’s Unified Defense SIEM.

“As the world faces advanced AI-powered threats on top of the myriad of other challenges confronting security teams, we are releasing Securonix EON to help our customers stay ahead of the escalating threat curve,” said Securonix CEO Nayaki Nayyar. “Securonix EON is not just a suite of capabilities, it’s a comprehensive strategy to combat cyber threats ushering in a new era of AI-Reinforced CyberOps.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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