Quantum Leap in Security: TELCLOUD Integrates CyberProtonics' Unbreakable Encryption for POTS Calls

Quantum Leap in Security: TELCLOUD Integrates CyberProtonics' Unbreakable Encryption for POTS Calls

By Greg Tavarez

While the convenience of a phone call is undeniable, the security of our conversations is a growing concern. Unlike encrypted messaging apps, traditional phone calls travel unmasked across networks, which makes them susceptible to a range of cyberattacks.

Traditional phone lines, even landlines, can be vulnerable to interception. Sophisticated attackers can exploit weaknesses in telecommunication infrastructure or employ specialized equipment to listen in on conversations. This eavesdropping can target individuals or entire call centers, putting sensitive information at risk.

Also, organizations dealing with sensitive information, like healthcare providers or financial institutions, are prime targets for cyberattacks. Hackers may attempt to intercept confidential conversations or use social engineering tactics to trick employees into divulging sensitive information over the phone.

Stolen personal information can be used for identity theft or financial fraud. Intercepted business communications can lead to competitive disadvantages or loss of sensitive data. Disrupted emergency services can have life-or-death consequences.

While the situation may seem dire, it's important to remember that advancements in encryption technology are constantly evolving. CyberProtonics is one of the companies at the forefront of this initiative. Their innovative approach utilizes the principles of quantum mechanics itself to create unbreakable encryption.

With that approach, CyberProtonics partnered with TELCLOUD, a CPaaS provider for large telecom companies.

TELCLOUD’s platform enables white labeled POTS Line Replacement and Wireless Services. Direct telco, PBX, cellular router, wireless carrier and telco billing integration allow organizations to offer a highly rated POTS replacement solution in the market.

So, how will TELCLOUD benefit CyberProtonics?

TELCLOUD will integrate CyberProtonics' encryption technology into its network to secure phone calls for critical sectors like emergency services, finance and retail. This means that the partnership brings CyberProtonics' quantum-resistant encryption to millions of TELCLOUD's CPaaS customers.

“By embedding our technology into TELCLOUD’s POTS Line Replacement solution, we demonstrate how easy it is to integrate our lightweight, software-based cryptosystem into all kinds of OEM applications for cybersecurity, networking, IoT/IIoT and other digital systems,” said Greg Welch, CEO, CyberProtonics.

CyberProtonics' technology encrypts data at rest and in transit, rendering it unusable even if intercepted. It offers high performance and low latency, with no impact on existing operations compared to other encryption methods.

“We partnered with CyberProtonics to bring quantum encryption security to our POTS replacement solution for our customers,” said Jake Jacoby, CEO, TELCLOUD. “Their technology now ensures every phone call and connection is encrypted. No matter the size of the end customer, our network is quantum resistant encrypted and secured. This partnership is an absolute game changer for our telecommunication partners.”

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