NovaBACKUP: A Cloud Backup Pioneer's Transformation


NovaBACKUP: A Cloud Backup Pioneer's Transformation

By Erik Linask

NovaBACKUP, a pioneer in the cloud backup space for over 25 years, was the first Windows-based cloud backup solution in the industry.  The growing need to simplify solutions for backup and the high demand for cloud backup prompted NovaBACKUP to adapt its technology.  What was once the backbone engine behind trailblazing cloud backup services hosted by companies like Compaq and AOL is today a highly flexible backup service designed specifically for Managed Service Providers serving compliant verticals, such as healthcare, financial, and legal services.

Pursuing its pioneering spirit, NovaBACKUP has been reintroduced after a ground-up redesign to give the solution maximum deployment flexibility based on feedback from MSP thought-leaders.  Since late 2019, when NovaBACKUP Cloud for MSPs was officially launched, the program has experienced substantial growth, even with the challenges presented by COVID-19.  In January 2021, NovaBACKUP for MSPs registered 87 percent year-over-year revenue growth and more than doubled its number of MSP partners during the period. 

The NovaBACKUP team had already been working closely with MSPs over the years leading up to the launch to further refine its backup technology.  The team added more engineering resources and technical experts with actual MSP work experience to help fully understand the unique needs of its MSP partners.  The concept was simple: Enable MSPs to leverage their profits with a flexible, easy to manage, complete, backup as a service solution that performs impressively for both local and cloud-based storage destinations.  The next step was providing MSPs with flexible licensing and hosting models (including a NovaBACKUP-hosted option), to best suit how they operate their service businesses.

“We were seeing that competitors were often treating local backup as almost an afterthought,” says Nate Fouarge, VP of Solutions at NovaBACKUP.  “MSPs coming to us were also running into unpleasant requirements to use proprietary hardware, or otherwise being pushed into deploying their backup in a less than ideal way.”

When designing the solution’s pricing structure, the NovaBACKUP Cloud team made the strategic decision to keep the cost of entry affordable, with pricing models that match the way that MSPs run their businesses and charge their customers.

“We listened to MSPs and what we heard was their calls for pricing transparency and superior customer service,” adds Fourage.  “That’s when we added free services like initial-backup seeding to make onboarding as smooth as possible.”

Taking a departure from most backup vendors, NovaBACKUP Cloud for MSPs lets IT providers choose whether to host client data in their own cloud or to use NovaBACKUP’s hosted cloud.  Keeping tabs on the status of client backups becomes a rather low maintenance affair, especially when taking advantage of the web-based central monitoring console.

But, how fickle is today’s MSP?  When asked if he thinks these new MSP partners are more inclined to quickly change backup vendors, CEO Mike Andrews had this to say: “Changing vendors is not an easy decision.  If an MSP is considering change, something must seriously be affecting revenues or faith in their current solution.  Meeting technical requirements is certainly important.  But, beyond that, there has to be trust and transparency between the MSP and the backup vendor, including trust that promises will be kept, whether that’s a development timeline or a support issue or anything else.  As long as we can achieve a superior level of support, remain technology neutral, and communicate clearly with our MSP partners, we honestly feel the sky is the limit.”

NovaBACKUP goes beyond having partners trust its word and has undergone specialized compliance training, which included receiving a HIPAA Seal of Compliance as issued by Compliancy Group.  This seal verifies that organizations have made every effort to satisfy federal HIPAA requirements with the proper documentation and months of training put in place to support it.

Managed Service Providers are invited to a free trial of the NovaBACKUP Cloud for MSPs to experience for themselves why it’s become one of the fastest-growing backup SaaS solutions available today.

Edited by Erik Linask

Group Editorial Director

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