HYAS Partner Program's Latest Benefit Propels MSPs and MSSPs

HYAS Partner Program's Latest Benefit Propels MSPs and MSSPs

By Greg Tavarez

The managed security services provider (MSSP) market is experiencing a period of growth and with it comes a surge in competition, which means that companies offering these services must find ways to stand out from the crowd. Simply providing baseline security solutions is no longer enough.

To differentiate themselves, MSSPs need to focus on delivering superior value. This could involve specialization in specific security areas, such as cloud security or ransomware protection. It could also mean offering unique service packages that go beyond basic monitoring and incident response.

HYAS Infosec, the adversary infrastructure platform provider that offers visibility, protection and security against all kinds of malware and attacks, is making it possible with the latest benefit of the HYAS ONPOINT Program. The latest benefit lets MSPs, MSSPs and other channel partners offer HYAS Protect to their clients and leverage HYAS Insight proactive threat intelligence platform – all with unprecedented discounts and without financial risks.

HYAS is a renowned authority on cyber adversary infrastructure and communication to that infrastructure. HYAS is dedicated to protecting organizations and solving intelligence problems through detection of adversary infrastructure and anomalous communication patterns.

HYAS Insight is a threat intelligence platform that helps organizations identify, track and attribute fraud and cyberattacks faster. It provides security and fraud teams with a comprehensive view of an attack, including its origin, infrastructure used and potential future targets. HYAS analyzes data from various sources to identify suspicious infrastructure, sometimes months before it's activated. Fortune 500 companies rely on HYAS's unique data and collection methods for security investigations.

Built on HYAS Insight's intelligence, HYAS Protect is a protective DNS solution that blocks malicious communication channels used by malware, ransomware and other attacks. Even if an attack breaches a network, it still needs to communicate with command-and-control servers for further instructions. HYAS detects and blocks this C2 communication, stopping attacks before they cause damage in IT or operational technology environments. Early warnings about adversary infrastructure allow organizations to prevent attacks and ensure business continuity.

“HYAS Protect is an investment in an organization’s future, delivering quantifiable outcomes such as fortified financial defense, customer trust, and compliance confidence,” said Todd Willoughby, Director, Security Transformation at RSM. “With HYAS, you position your organization for sustainable growth, competitive advantage, and peace of mind in an increasingly threat-filled digital landscape.”

MSSPs and MSPs joining the program and offering HYAS Protect will receive a free one-year subscription to HYAS Insight. This offering benefits internal security teams and sales teams. Security teams gain immediate value through enhanced threat analysis and incident response capabilities. Sales teams can present a differentiated solution to clients, improving client protection and streamlining complex threat investigations.

The HYAS ONPOINT Partner Program also unlocks new revenue opportunities for MSSPs and MSPs. The program allows them to deliver proactive threat intelligence to combat advanced cyberattacks across various managed security services and enhance their service offerings without financial constraints. It also allows them to establish a recurring revenue stream, boost client retention and gain a competitive edge with a fee-free, commitment-free program.

“Partners opting in to the HYAS Protect + Insight Program will be able to deliver a cybersecurity solution package that will set them apart from the rest,” said Carl True, Head of Sales and Partnerships at HYAS. “Not only will they add value and sharply improve their clients’ cybersecurity defenses, but they will not have to cut prices and sacrifice margins to do so.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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