Cost-Effective Data Security and Analytics for Midsize Firms with RestorePoint.AI

Cost-Effective Data Security and Analytics for Midsize Firms with RestorePoint.AI

By Greg Tavarez

Data-driven enterprises possess a considerable edge over their counterparts that do not prioritize data utilization. This advantage stems from their enhanced decision-making capabilities, strategic insights, and agility in responding to market dynamics. With that said, the realization of these benefits often encounters obstacles, especially for organizations with data scattered across multiple cloud platforms or trapped within siloed systems.

The fragmentation of data across disparate sources complicates the process of obtaining a holistic view. Extracting, processing, connecting, analyzing, storing and protecting this data necessitates significant investments in time and resources. The manual labor involved in these tasks translates into high operational costs and delays in deriving actionable insights. Consequently, the potential advantages of data-driven decision-making remain largely untapped.

Large corporations (especially those with their ample resources and specialized expertise) can overcome these challenges more effectively. Small and midsize organizations often find themselves at a disadvantage. Limited budgets and expertise inhibit their ability to harness the full potential of their data. As a result, they may struggle to keep pace with larger competitors and adapt to changing market conditions.

That is why RestorePoint.AI is on a mission to democratize BI and generative AI.

RestorePoint.AI offers a secure managed data-as-a-service platform for midsize businesses. The company's focus is on helping these organizations unlock the full value of their data through a simple, secure and cost-effective solution. RestorePoint.AI's platform enables customers to leverage analytics and AI-powered tools to extract business insights from their data, regardless of location, while adhering to security and governance regulations.

Recently, RestorePoint.AI launched its cloud-based Secure Managed Data Service, or SMDS, for midsize organizations. SMDS allows secure access to analytics and GenAI tools, enabling businesses to extract insights from their data regardless of location. It addresses the growing demand for secure, outsourced data management among businesses lacking resources for in-house analytics and GenAI integration.

The platform extracts information from previously siloed data systems, handling structured and unstructured data. It supports real-time and batch processing, advanced analytics, machine learning and GenAI.

Key benefits include easy integration and synchronization of diverse data sources, robust security protocols protect data throughout its lifecycle, reduced operational costs compared to traditional data management solutions and being able to adapt to growing business needs for long-term use.

The RestorePoint platform is highly flexible and scalable and features a composable application architecture that allows components to be used, reused, combined and customized based on business requirements and objectives.

The service is ideal for businesses looking to streamline their data management processes, with a focus on security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. It is particularly beneficial for organizations dealing with large volumes of data requiring regular synchronization and secure management.

“Today's businesses face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing and unlocking value from vast amounts of their data which includes complex data extraction, synchronization and security functions,” said Dave Albano, CEO of RestorePoint.AI. “The RestorePoint.AI Secure Managed Data Service not only simplifies these processes but also significantly reduces operational costs and the need for hard-to-find technical resources.”

In addition, the company announced Ken Ammon joined its Board of Directors, Mike Funk was appointed chief financial officer, and Anurag Jain was named Vice President of Engineering.

Ammon was previously a founder and executive at OPAQ Networks (now Fortinet), Xceedium (now CA), and NetSec (acquired by MCI). Funk launched AT&T Managed Network Solutions, which achieved over $500 million in revenue. Jain was the former Senior Vice President of Engineering at OPAQ and WebMD.

The RestorePoint.AI Secure Managed Data Service is available immediately from RestorePoint.AI and its business partners worldwide.

Edited by Alex Passett
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