TD SYNNEX Launches Data Migration Service with MinIO and Western Digital

TD SYNNEX Launches Data Migration Service with MinIO and Western Digital

By Greg Tavarez

Data migration, i.e. the transfer of data from one system to another, is a pivotal yet intricate undertaking for organizations. This process often necessitates system downtime, a temporary suspension of system access to ensure accurate data transfer.

However, the duration of this downtime should be minimized to avert undue disruptions. The repercussions of prolonged downtime can directly influence a company's revenue streams and customer satisfaction levels alike. With businesses reliant on digital operations, extended system unavailability can lead to missed sales opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, and diminished employee productivity.

Acting in favor of reducing downtime during data migration is TD SYNNEX, a global distributor and solutions aggregator, as it enters a strategic partnership with MinIO and Western Digital. The purpose of this partnership is to offer a resilient, secure data migration service, enabling businesses to streamline their data transition processes efficiently and cost effectively.

MinIO is an innovative open-source object storage platform designed for modern data infrastructure needs. A popular choice for developers and enterprises, MinIO enables seamless integration with cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes and offers compatibility with the Amazon S3 API, allowing organizations to create their private cloud storage infrastructure that can efficiently handle data-intensive workloads and applications.

Western Digital designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of products, including HDDs, SSDs, external storage devices and network-attached storage solutions. The company's innovations have contributed to the advancement of data storage capacities and technologies, catering to consumer, business and enterprise needs for data management, backup and retrieval.

TD SYNNEX's data migration service will leverage TD SYNNEX’s operational expertise, MinIO’s object store and Western Digital’s proven hardware platform to deliver a seamless, secure and efficient data migration experience.

This new service provides a quick, easy and cost-effective rental service for physically migrating data at large scale, which is an essential capability for data migrations. Businesses can schedule windows to take delivery of the Western Digital hardware and pay for what they need during the rental period. The service is not tied to a specific cloud - meaning the enterprise can use the service to move data into, out of, and across clouds - all using the ubiquitous S3 protocol.

“TD SYNNEX has launched one of the most comprehensive and reliable data migration services in the industry that can make a significant impact for businesses,” said Matt Dyenson, Senior Vice President, Product Management at TD SYNNEX. “This new offering can provide a robust, secure, and efficient data migration or repatriation process for our customers.”

Long story short? By leveraging the strengths of TD SYNNEX, MinIO and Western Digital, businesses can expect reduced downtime during data migration and improved data integrity.

Edited by Alex Passett
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