Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurants Interface with Modern Operations

Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurants Interface with Modern Operations

By Greg Tavarez

The Old Spaghetti Factory offers a unique guest experience from its Mizithra Cheese and Brown Butter pasta to a trolley car that guests dine in. With that mindset to offer a high-level customer experience as well as enhance its employee experience, the OSF team came to the conclusion that it needed to transform its network, voice and security infrastructure.

The OSF chose Interface’s suite of managed services to lead the transformation throughout its locations across the nation. Interface is a managed service provider that delivers business security, managed network, UCaaS and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises.

Prior to Interface’s arrival, the OSF IT team faced a few challenges. The team wanted to standardize network equipment across all its locations to increase efficiencies and reduce troubleshooting. Aging phone systems made operations difficult due to poor call quality and a lack of flexibility when systems failed. And legacy alarm systems were complex to manage and maintain.

The OSF implemented Interface’s restaurant-network-in-a-box, which guarantees 99% uptime and includes 4G wireless WAN failover. The box allows the IT team to remotely to reboot any machine experiencing issues outside of business hours. The OSF experienced better network uptime resulting in improved employee productivity and better guest experience.

“Interface’s restaurant-network-in-a-box has allowed us to upgrade to a high-speed, secure network at all our locations and reduced the need for our employees to spend time troubleshooting network issues,” said Travis Crownover, director of IT at the OSF.

For the OSF’s legacy alarm systems, Interface deployed a managed alarm solution. The new solution included a mobile application that enabled OSF employees to arm or disarm alarm systems via smartphones. It also allowed employees to manage alarm systems at any location they are deployed to without additional training.

“By making the switch to Interface for intrusion monitoring, we realized a cost savings of at least 30%,” said Crownover.

The OSF’s aging phone systems made operations difficult OSF replaced its phone system with Interface’s business VoIP solution. The Interface Business VoIP solution provides the flexibility and scale the OSF needed to enable seamless communication for employees and customers.

“Interface’s phone system gives us improved call quality and the auto-attendant feature allows us to handle customer calls at scale,” said Crownover.

The solutions that Interface provided took a weight off the shoulders of the OSF IT team and paved the way for an innovative future at the OSF.

Edited by Erik Linask
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