NRTC Managed Services Group Ramps Up Offerings for Rural America During COVID-19


NRTC Managed Services Group Ramps Up Offerings for Rural America During COVID-19

By Stefania Viscusi

Virginia-based Tech-based cooperative NTRC has announced it stepped up efforts to develop and deliver solutions that answer to the needs of today’s communications service providers as the global pandemic has continued.

The Managed Services group, which provides innovative technology and support for 1,500 electric and telephone members in rural America, said they have been working on offerings that make it easier to assist customers with broadband tech support, cybersecurity solutions, network and traffic insights, and to help improve overall customer service.

Commenting on the recent releases, Jason McGinnis, president of NRTC Managed Services, said, "These were particularly stressful times for consumers and businesses, so we made it a priority to ramp up staffing and find ways to maximize the call coverage. We made a large investment to add strong members to our team and move to online training, all while keeping our rates the same for members."

During the first half of the year, the company worked on growing its call center, so it had adequate support for the 35% increase in help desk calls it was receiving as a shift to remote work and learning, and more online transactions were happening than ever before.

The pandemic also created a more significant spike in cyber threats, so better education and training on web safety were needed.

In May, the company launched its TechShield and TechShield Professional offering so CSPs could provide comprehensive security solutions to residential and business customers. It also relied on member feedback to develop additional offerings that met their needs, such as DNS Insights for Network Analysis, which can help with upstream provider utilization, network troubleshooting, and more - and flexible CSR support options.

Those CSP struggling with increased call volumes coming into their call centers could add support converge when needed and maintain customer support levels with managed services.

Even amid a global pandemic, MSPs are in a unique position with opportunities to grow and provide value. Even as much of the chaos to set-up work-from-home capabilities is dying down, better remote access solutions, security, and cloud migrations leave much more room for growth.

To hear more about these developing trends and get real-world insight from those businesses succeeding at the forefront, be sure to attend MSPExpo. The premier conference and networking summit for MSPs, this show brings together business owners and technology specialists to share strategies and success stories helping to grow MSP businesses.

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