Great Plains Communications Empowers Enterprise Customers with Managed Wi-Fi

By Stefania Viscusi

Great Plains Communications (GPC), a Midwestern telecommunications provider, has said it will be expanding its privately-owned 11,500+ mile fiber network reaching 11 states in the wake of the global pandemic and forced shutdowns. It has also made available, GPC Managed Wi-Fi for its enterprise customers to provide support during these unprecedented times.

As many states begin reopening phases, enterprise customers are looking for new ways to provide their customers and employees with reliable connectivity needed to get things done. With managed wireless, businesses have the ability to ensure that access is granted, even while keeping necessary social distances around the office.

GPC Managed Wi-Fi is uniquely customized for a business's needs. Whether they are a small start-up or large operation, they can focus on getting back to their core functions while still offering reliable wireless connectivity for customers, employees, and guests.

“As our enterprise customers begin to reopen, they must ensure employees, customers and guests can spread out to practice social distancing. This presents new connectivity challenges,” commented Bryce Miller, Sr. Products Manager for Great Plains Communications.

Using industry-leading access points and switches, the company is able to provide consistent end-to-end wireless connectivity and performance for both indoor and outdoor connections.

Available speeds range from 10 Mbps. to 1 Gbps and can be offered in both guest and private Wi-Fi settings. The offering also includes 24x7 proactive network monitoring and reporting for uptime, intrusion detection, and more.

 “The GPC Managed Wi-Fi solution enables seamless wireless performance in the new normal throughout every corner of the building. This gives our clients the ability to focus on getting back to business and profitability knowing they have a managed connection they can rely on,” said Miller.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle
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