Cosentry Brings Data Disaster Relief to Midwest


Cosentry Brings Data Disaster Relief to Midwest

By Doug Barney

Cosentry is beefing its Midwest disaster recovery services with the new Cosentry Cloud Recovery, a service powered by Geminare. Geminare is one of the increasing number of companies that use the term Recovery as a Service (RaaS) to refer to a range of things from restore to disaster recovery and business continuity. The pair leverages Geminare’s recovery technology and Cosentry’s large Midwest data centers, which have the ability to do cloud replication in real time.

 “Our commitment is to always be at the leading edge in terms of emerging technologies, ensuring that our existing and prospective customers are able to take advantage of breakthrough technology. To that end, we are delighted to add Geminare’s exceptional Recovery as a Service (RaaS) offering to the Cosentry family of business continuity solutions. Cosentry’s partnership with Geminare, the acknowledged global leader in this space, will afford our customers the opportunity to economically realize unparalleled protection for their businesses,” said Craig Hurley, Cosentry’s VP of Product Management. Cosentry serves the Midwest with data centers that total 48,000 square feet.

RaaS Facts

The market for RaaS, a term rarely used a few years ago, is hot. Gartner puts the global RaaS market at $564 million this year, and it will grow a CAGR of 21 percent until 2016. Meanwhile TechNavio looks for this market to hit $5.7 billion in 2018.

Cosentry’s Hurley thinks knows why it is growing so fast. “Markets grow rapidly when the services deliver outstanding value to the widest possible audience,” he argued. Geminare may not be a household name, but that is because it is the engine that drives RaaS offerings from others, including NTT Communications, Columbus Networks, CA Technologies, OpSource, Iron Mountain, CenturyLink, HOSTING, Bell, Allstream, Ingram Micro, and Long View Systems.

NTT Brags, but does Geminare Deserve Credit?

This week, Geminare partner boasted its standing in a recent Gartner ranking. Gartner gave the company the best marks in its recent report “Critical Capabilities for Recovery as a Service.” This reporter signed up to get the full report and find out exactly what Gartner had to say.

“The service delivery cloud is based on VMware's vCloud, and, although all VM formats are supported, most of the client systems running in production are VMware ESX-server-based. VM and related production data replications to the NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud are near real time. Hybrid configurations composed of activated VMs and collocated physical servers are also supported,” Gartner reasoned. “No formal RTO- and RPO-based service levels are supported, but a service delivery infrastructure availability level of 99.97 percent is formally committed. Typically, customers purchase a total amount of computing and storage resources required for their recovery environment, plus a monthly fee for each VM replicated. Customers can add additional resources in the portal for recovery testing, and failover and activated resources are billed to customers on a minute-by-minute basis.”

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