MSP Today Expert Feature
October 17, 2016

CloudJumper Launches New Channel Partner Program

Among the growing set of “as-a-service” type business offerings – applications or services that clients can access in the cloud – is the workspace-as-a-service (WaaS). Under that umbrella term, WaaS providers offer virtual desktops, hosted applications, and IT workspaces to their clients who can begin using those cloud-based tools from any desktop or mobile device.

WaaS tries to make it easier for software vendors and IT service providers to deliver a high-quality product that is available from anywhere and can relieve enterprises from carrying the burden of infrastructure development. CloudJumper, a company that innovates in the WaaS market, reported this month that it has launched the new Channel Partner (News - Alert) Program meant to offer partners a streamlined way to extend the CloudJumper nWorkSpace application to their own customers.

Max Pruger, the chief sales officer at CloudJumper, commented on this new program and noted its importance as it relates to his company’s business model, which places a priority on partnerships.

“With a 100 percent channel-focused business model, we have seen significant partner traction over the past 12 months,” Pruger said. “Our disruptive technology and newly introduced channel partner program paves the path for impressive revenue opportunities as interest in WaaS accelerates. We invite IT service providers to join our team and experience the advantages of working with CloudJumper, a pioneer in this space.”

CloudJumper also spoke in its announcement about the overall success of the WaaS market. Although the “as-a-service” moniker may find overlap within, for instance, the distinction between software-as-a-service and workspace-as-a-service, both of which could provide access to individual software packages, reports such as one recent example published at Markets and Markets show that the WaaS industry specifics have seen their share of success. That report showed the 2015 WaaS market value at $7.47 billion and expects the figure to jump to $18.37 billion of global revenue by 2022.

Market growth at that rate should be attractive to companies such as CloudJumper. Furthermore, it underscores the need for CloudJumper to bolster its relationships with partners because, frankly, that is the bread and butter of its operation. Growth for Pruger’s business depends on sales from partners, and only partner programs like the new Channel Partner Program can nurture connections between the parent and its connections. The program comes with a new portal for customer management, billing controls, analytics of partner data, and loyalty program-based incentives for individual growth in sales and marketing.

Partners can also find training materials for sales and technical operations in their partner program portals. The Channel Partner Program is now active and will serve as the hub for all interaction between CloudJumper and its existing and future clients. The program’s scope will have the potential to increase partner sales and proficiency and relay such improvements within partners’ interactions with their customers.

Edited by Alicia Young