MSP Today Expert Feature
December 22, 2015

ePlus Adds Hybrid IT Monitoring to Managed Services Offering

Hybrid cloud is one of the big buzzwords in the technology industry today. To some, it is no surprise that there are many products available to support and augment hybrid cloud technologies. For some, the best tools are the ones that deliver information to a needy enterprise and ePlus has just the ticket for that. The company announced its Managed Services offering has been expanded to include Hybrid IT Monitoring into its capabilities.

The new offering is unique as it provides visibility into hybrid IT environments through a single platform. This portal is available through the company's new site, MapMyCloud. Users can use the site to map many points of information from throughout its hybrid environments. The tool maps cloud components and related dependencies that utilize AWS, Azure, vCloud Air, and/or SoftLayer (News - Alert) infrastructures at no cost. The capabilities of the platform are flexible, and they allow organizations to visualize their IT investments and related cloud-sprawl. It also maps the connectivity of workloads that reside in the cloud. Today's flexible cloud architectures that are enabled by hybrid technologies distribute workloads throughout different tiers of computing to achieve the best efficiency, reliability, and performance. Awareness of workload statistics is a powerful ability that many companies will capture some attention.

The managed services product includes:

  • On-premise monitoring and infrastructure management
  • Support from Managed Services Centers with national reach
  • 24x7 access to engineers certified in multiple disciplines
  • Executive and technical dashboards fed by an established ITIL-based toolset
  • Consolidation of on-premise, cloud, and/or hybrid metrics

In a press release announcing the capabilities, ePlus Technology senior vice president of national services Dan Farrell said, "We're pleased to expand and enhance our Managed Services capabilities to customers with our evolution into hybrid cloud management," adding "This new capability provides automated detection and tracking across multiple technology silos, enabling customers to solve problems faster and rapidly innovate without concern for cloud sprawl or the accompanying loss of visibility, management, or control.  Supplemented by ePlus' mature Managed Services offering, we provide customers with strategic guidance to help them meet their business goals and drive outcomes."

The MapMyCloud site is free to use, and ePlus' Managed Services are available at an additional cost.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere