MSP Today Expert Feature
November 11, 2015

IndependenceIT Integrates with VMware Products for Extended Platform Functionality

Market research firm 451 Research (News - Alert) recently published a new Impact Report entitled IntependenceIT Extends Platform Usability, Integrates with vCloud Air, vCloud Director, in which the company’s multi-cloud deployment strategy is described in the context of unified provisioning and management. IndependenceIT (News - Alert) specializes in a flexible, integrated workspace automation software platform that lets organizations leverage cloud infrastructure to deliver workspaces, applications and desktops as a service to users anywhere on any device.

 IndependenceIT uses a common set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to facilitate workflow orchestration across a variety of workspace platforms and cloud environments. The company’s vendor-agnostic Cloud Workspace Suite is a set of software that enables automated, multi-platform workspaces, applications and desktops as a service. Multi-cloud deployment is a fast-growing trend among organizations looking to diversify their relationships with service providers and distribute backups, archives and workloads in order to build resilience and bring about better preparations for the future as cloud technology continues to evolve.

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IndependenceIT’s integration with vCloud Air, a cloud platform built by software and service provider VMware, and vCloud Director, a cloud computing management tool, significantly extends the company’s ability to further develop its control panel and orchestration layer so it is more user friendly with a wider range of functionality. VMware customers can now deploy the Cloud Workspace Suite on-premises or within a vCloud Air environment using the cloud management tools provided with either the suite itself or through vCloud Air APIs. The resulting solution is vital in harmonizing everything involved with platform automation, control and management to boost operational efficiency and lower costs.

“There are many reasons driving IT service providers and ISVs to standardize on IndependenceIT’s Cloud Workspace Suite to deliver applications, data, and entire workspaces,” commented Seth Bostock, CEO of IndependenceIT. “As presented in the report, these reasons include high levels of automation, workflow, and our powerful and extensible API, removing many of the challenges associated with delivering end user workspaces. This, complemented by the ability to deploy Cloud Workspace Suite on any cloud or hypervisor, is unique among WaaS platforms. The report spells out these advantages and how they can positively impact those deploying these types of solutions.”

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere