MSP Today Expert Feature
June 17, 2015

CommScope and HP to Jointly Offer Data Management Tools, Services

Control of IT facilities is paramount in any business, and sometimes businesses need help from third-party software and outside consultant professionals. This is why CommScope is now partnering with HP to jointly enhance their management consulting services.

First, CommScope will be offering to businesses its iTRACS data center infrastructure management software which is able to display an overview and details of all data center systems a company owns. It reaches into equipment such as servers and network switches to give IT admins an idea of the health of their systems and any troubleshooting they may need to accomplish. In addition to that software, HP will now offer those same businesses its Converged Management Consulting Services to provide IT with personalized support regarding everything from data center design and implementation to data migration and management.

Both CommScope and HP were vocal about this partnership and provided quotes in the official announcement about how they will work together moving forward. Kevin St. Cyr, the senior vice president of enterprise solutions at CommScope, weighed in:

“HP is an established authority in data center and facilities operations management,” he said. “Data center managers can keep pace with their needs when running vital business functions as a result of this collaboration. This partnership is an important step in the journey of driving customer-centric infrastructure management.”

The idea is that enterprise customers will have support when they need it but will otherwise be empowered to manage data systems on their own. It would not be worth IT's time to call HP every time there is a blip on the screen. In that case, either IT would not be well trained or would be using support services more than intended because their software is unclear. CommScope software is meant to be easy enough to use that it can give enterprise admins the right information about their systems even as those systems change over time. The data will be clear and usable for the highest level of functionality.

However, there may also come a time when software does not provide everything IT needs and further support from professionals at HP is merited. Rick Einhorn, the vice president of technology services data center consulting at HP, mentions that the partnership between these two companies “will feature infrastructure management tools and services to empower customers with knowledge, speed, and agility to maximize their data center capabilities.”

In short, customers should be able to answer day-to-day questions most of the time with help from their software. But when they run into a wall, support services included in this partnership will be there to help them through it.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino