MSP Today Expert Feature
October 08, 2014

EarthLink Adds Improved Accessibility to myLink

Today’s businesses use a wide range of solutions in order to bring everyone in the organization together, because the workforce could be distributed locally, nationally or even globally. It is therefore very important for administrators to have convenient access to the entire network, whether it be on premises or in the cloud in a single pane-of-glass view. That’s what the new myLink Customer Portal from EarthLink promises to deliver. The company has released new features for this platform with a fully customizable integrated IT business control point providing convenient access.

EarthLink Holdings Corp., a managed network and cloud solutions provider for multi-location businesses, has announced the launch of the next generation of myLink with a propriety technology in architecture innovation featuring an exclusive “control point” design which gives customers access to all of their data, voice and IT services tools with a customizable dashboard.

This new update is going to allow users to pull forward and organize the applications, alerts, data and reporting and management features they use most. The platform can be customized so individuals within the organizations with distinct roles such as executives, IT managers and other administrators can view the information they need using their desktop, laptop or tablets.

According to the company, myLink is designed with an interface that allows the user to:

  • Set preferred notifications, alerts and how other items display, such as by account and location;
  • Use location-based views to automatically deliver site-specific information, tools and customization capabilities;
  • Access easy-to-read visual maps for the overall health and performance of their network, plus per site service management controls and monitoring tools for Cloud Hosting, Managed Routers, Hosted Security and other services;
  • Access an order status tracker to monitor order progress through the activation process, a repair ticketing tracker for all services, a self-service provisioning tool, and security monitoring and near real-time service utilization reports;
  • Easily drag and drop desired widgets to organize the right view for themselves or others based on job function or security clearance.

“MyLink is not just a tool we hand to customers, but one they will actively customize to create just the right view for their organization,” said Brian P. Fink, EarthLink EVP of technology and CIO. “In working with our customers, we actively sought their feedback to create a powerful, impactful and intuitive portal that they would truly want to integrate into their everyday business practices. As we migrate customers to the new portal, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and our team is committed to continually improving and growing the environment.”

Edited by Rory J. Thompson