MSP Today Expert Feature
July 24, 2013

Automating the Business of Cloud Computing with Appcore

Founded in January 2008, Appcore is leading the way in cloud automation. Last month, the company released Appcore AMP, a converged infrastructure system designed to simplify cloud environments through a single management and monitoring system.

Appcore President Jeff Tegethoff told TMCnet at Cloud Expo 2013 in New York that the goal was to enable service providers to have a public cloud offering that can leverage existing networks and data centers, all the way from the smallest independent telecom to the largest integrated telecoms in the world.  That meant reducing time to market, minimizing risks, increasing flexibility for deployment on multiple hardware platforms and hypervisors, and lowering costs with a fully integrated solution and single interface tools.

This single product includes metering and billing features, application stores, one click provisioning, integrated cloud management, and 24/7/365 support. What’s more, it can be deployed in 30 days or less, anywhere in the world, making it revenue ready.

Once installed, Appcore AMP has a single interface, sitting above the orchestration and storage layer, to monitor and manage the cloud environment, whether it exists in one location or is distributed across disparate geographic locations.

Initially, Appcore AMP was deployed as a converged infrastructure solution, with full switching, networking, storage, and hardware. However, companies were clamoring for a cloud-based deployment of the software to be used with their already existing legacy infrastructure. Appcore listened to those companies and raised $6 million in series B funding, which was used for rapid product development to decouple the software from the hardware. Now, Appcore AMP can be delivered as a cloud appliance or white label cloud.

"The bottom line is that we listened to our prospects and customers. They were telling us they needed our cloud automation management platform and they wanted it deployed in a way that enabled and supported their current technology structure. Appcore has developed Appcore AMP as a way to allow customers to utilize their legacy infrastructure and software," Tegethoff said.

Now capable of integrating with any legacy hardware environment, Appcore is experiencing a backlog of orders from customers, and understandably so.  

One of those customers, CloudNet, described their experience with Appcore in a recent statement: "Appcore AMP has allowed us to simplify our multiple cloud and zone management from one interface," said Joseph Tse, CEO of CloudNet Hong Kong. "The business and technical cloud intelligence plus real-time graph functionality allow us to analyze our environment and react quickly to the fluctuating needs of our customers."

For more information about the Appcore AMP system, visit Appcore’s product website.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson