MSP Today Expert Feature
July 09, 2013

Mural's Managed On-Boarding Platform Accelerates Cloud Use for SMBs

Mural, a provider of customer on-board for cloud and managed IT services, has helped more than 100,000 SMBs during the past year through its Platform MaaX solution. The offering, which is an on-boarding and post-sales support platform, assists SMBs in accelerating their cloud implementations and also helps improve customer satisfaction with Microsoft (News - Alert) Exchange Hosted Services, SharePoint and Lync products.

The 100,000 businesses served also include nearly 20,000 businesses using Microsoft Collaboration tools. Mural's solutions and programs are geared toward helping managed service providers (MSPs) differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace through high levels of customer service and support.

Mural's Platform MaaX helps accelerate the path to revenue for MSPs, while ensuring users maximize the benefits of cloud services. The company claims customers can increase their activation rates by 233 percent while lowering customer churn by 70 percent with their solutions. This helps speed up ROI as well as enhancing brand loyalty for partners.

Core features of Platform MaaX include tools for rapid on-boarding and data migration applications, and a Customer Experience 360 training and certification program. The platform also provides cloud service-specific data-gathering APIs as well as a user-centric knowledgebase. It is available as a private-label or Mural-branded managed service, and is delivered from the company's Customer Experience center in Tucson. The platform may also be licensed, as well as the use of all tools, data analytics, methods and content.

"Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, SharePoint and Lync give SMBs the robust, world-class collaboration capabilities they need to compete and succeed," said Steve Zimba (News - Alert), president of Mural. "Service providers are most vulnerable to losing customers in the first 90 days after a sale. Mural engineers work one on one with SMB employees to engage them more deeply, understand their overall IT needs, and educate them on other Microsoft services they could benefit from. We continue to serve more than 10,000 such businesses every month."

Edited by Alisen Downey