MSP Today Expert Feature
February 14, 2013

Infinitely Virtual Launches Dell RemoteScan, Allowing SMBs to Scan 'Like A Boss'

Infinitely Virtual, as part of its strategy to get SMBs a chance to explore greater potential in the cloud, has just launched Dell (News - Alert) RemoteScan on its hosted platform, allowing businesses to take advantage of the most stable and secure software package available for virtualized imaging.

Dell RemoteScan is a software application on the cloud that allows thousands of companies across the world to scan documents through their thin clients. This creates an environment in which document management becomes more of a cinch and less of a pinch.

With more than a billion documents scanned through its system, Dell RemoteScan has become a proven product, and a great favorite among companies that need heavy imaging work done. No matter the industry, there's an imaging solution out there that can cover the entire base.

Best of all, RemoteScan works with any scanner, whether it operates with TWAIN, WIA, RDP or ICA. Pricing is a flat $9.99 per month for each scanning station.

Adam Stern, CEO at Infinitely Virtual, said, "We're helping small and midsize businesses move to the cloud because, increasingly, that's where the applications are. Just as we have with hosted versions of Intuit's (News - Alert) QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and other business-critical software, we're making it easy and affordable for companies without a formal IT infrastructure to access and benefit from cloud technologies."

Stern continued, "Dell RemoteScan is enormously popular because it effortlessly addresses a need: Image acquisition." It's an indubitable fact that the vast majority of businesses will need some amount of imaging done at one point or another, even if it’s just scanning proof-of-purchase documents for tax collectors.

Before its acquisition by Dell, RemoteScan was a product Quest Software (News - Alert). Since 2003, it's been providing powerful scanning and imaging solutions to financial, medical, freight, insurance, industrial and government institutions.

Now, the SMB will have the power to scan "like a boss."

Edited by Braden Becker