MSP Today Expert Feature
January 18, 2013

New Solution Protection from Windstream

With the mobility trend becoming increasingly pervasive in almost every industry, used for both personal and work-related reasons, the amount of sensitive information being stolen has reached heightened levels. Along with the new developments in UN, CaaS, cloud services and network managements, is the heightened levels of security that must be protected.

The lack of updated privacy laws and protection against data brokers in the growing era of technology is a constant issue at hand as well, an idea with which Don Perkins, senior vice president of Business Marketing for Windstream, agrees.

"Businesses today face security threats that continuously increase in frequency and sophistication, so it is essential to implement thorough desktop security solutions," said Perkins. "Endpoint Security Protection provides our small and medium-sized business customers with all-around protection, reducing the need for additional security management software, hardware, support and even dedicated IT staff."

In the wake of this new dilemma, Windstream, a provider of network communication and management service, they have launched a new protection solution, Endpoint Security Protection by McAfee (News - Alert).

This new service condenses the multiple security protects into one single solutions that can detect and blocks viruses, spyware, spam, phishing attempts and hacker attacks.

Cloud-based infrastructures also face a potential danger, as they hold can hold tons of software and information in one place, making them susceptible to threats. To solve this problem, Windstreams’ endpoint filters the quarantines threats being carried by e-mail in the cloud before they have a chance to reach your network.

Windstream (News - Alert) offers advanced network communications and technology solutions, like voice and data services, SIP trunking, and dedicated high-speed Internet. If a business is faced with a difficulty or issue with cloud computing or networking service, it also has a team of managed services to help find solution.

For more information about Windstreams’ new solution, click here.

Edited by Rich Steeves