Armadillo Partners with Osirium to Offer Internal Threat Protection to Customers

By Rory Lidstone

Armadillo Managed Services, a security solutions integrator in the U.K., recently entered into a partnership with Osirium, a provider of privileged management solutions. Together these companies plan to offer Armadillo's customers a scalable solution for the protection of SysAdmin environments, while simplifying the complexities of system management by automating common tasks.

Many of Amradillo's clients are organizations that have large, complex and heterogonous structures and as such, they must consider not only external threats, but also threats from within. Indeed, according to research from PWC, 82 percent of large organizations had insider-related breaches, with the average cost of such an attack being just under $200,000, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Osirium's solutions, meanwhile, is capable of effortlessly securing enterprises, clouds and managed service providers from insider threats as well as trust management challenges of privileged user activities. This helps close off the one area ignored by many other security solutions which focus solely on external threats

"Our customers are asking us to help tighten up control of their privileged users, particularly those from third parties support services," said Mark Newns, CEO at Armadillo, in a statement. "As a result, we assessed the market and very quickly settled on Osirium because it was a scalable solution that didn't disrupt the way SysAdmins went about their jobs — and that was a critical factor for our customers."

David Guyatt, CEO at Osirium, added: "We've taken a fundamentally different approach to managing privileged users. We've understood and learnt lessons from the limitations of older solutions, and re-focused Osirium's priorities on delivering security, scalability and simplicity without the disruption to existing SysAdmin teams."

In March 2012, Armadillo entered into a similar partnership with Voltage Security in order to bring data-centric security and simplified stateless key management to its customers. Voltage's solutions offer protection of structured and unstructured data from end to end while it is being used in data centers, public and private clouds, and even on mobile devices.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

Contributing Writer

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