New Integration from HaloPSA and NinjaOne Simplifies Services for MSPs

New Integration from HaloPSA and NinjaOne Simplifies Services for MSPs

By Alex Passett

Let’s talk about HaloPSA and NinjaOne.

HaloPSA has devised an all-in-one professional services automation (PSA) software solution for service providers – an intuitive platform that nixes the need for unwieldy spreadsheets and enables simplified customer/lead capture with data-driven decisions. Trusted by more than 125,000 teams across 75 countries (and by the likes of Microsoft, Pax8 and Atos, to name a few), HaloPSA streamlines tasks involving contract organization, sales and CRM, billing, analytics, time tracking, service desk support and more.

NinjaOne, also trusted by big names (e.g. NVIDIA, Nissan, Staples and HelloFresh), keeps endpoint management straightforward. The NinjaOne platform breakdown is simple – you’ve got remote monitoring and management (RMM) for MSPs, and additional endpoint management solutions for IT departments; patch management, software deployment, alerting, scripting and automation is all under the NinjaOne umbrella. More than 17,000 customers across 80 countries work with NinjaOne to automate IT, cut costs, and reduce risk.

So, as we say with many partnership-centric stories, “Let’s put these two together, shall we?”

Indeed, HaloPSA and NinjaOne officially announced an integration that brings together the former’s PSA software with the latter’s RMM capabilities, making it easier for MSPs and those in IT to save both time and resources so they can serve clients better.

By making previously disconnected PSA and RMM systems, well, more interconnected, this HaloPSA-NinjaOne integration’s benefits also include:

  • Faster Resolution Time: MSPs can get ahead of an issue before the end user even knows there’s a problem, proactively eliminating the need for some tickets and reducing the time spent solving them.
  • Operational Efficiency Boosts: Having up-to-date device info improves efficiency (so IT personnel aren’t wasting time on projects or tickets that have already been resolved).
  • Exceptional Support: Both HaloPSA and NinjaOne, quote, “pride themselves deeply on customer success, providing teams with the business and RMM support they need to do their best work.”

Per HaloPSA’s Tim Barton-Wines:

“Building this integration with NinjaOne was a no brainer – customer success is at the heart of both of our organizations’ missions. MSPs have a challenging job in managing both business and technology services for their clients. This integration with NinjaOne simplifies their work, saving them time and allowing them to provide better support to their customers by eliminating back and forth between their PSA and RMM systems.”

And per NinjaOne’s SVP of Product Management Rahul Hirani:

“Organizations run on more endpoints than ever. In the wake of hybrid work and growing device sprawl, it’s increasingly challenging and complex for MSPs to manage and secure their clients’ devices. NinjaOne saves MSPs time and resources by automating endpoint management and security at scale. And this integration with HaloPSA makes our customers more efficient and effective at their jobs by streamlining device and business management.”

Learn more about this integration here.

Edited by Alex Passett
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