Cyware Quarterback: The AI Playmaker for Advanced Security Operations

Cyware Quarterback: The AI Playmaker for Advanced Security Operations

By Greg Tavarez

Security analysts face an obstacle when dealing with high volumes of security incidents. Each product within an organization likely has its own unique interface. This requires analysts to navigate through a multitude of complex systems to investigate each issue.

Unfortunately, the process is hampered further by manual methods for finding and sharing relevant threat intelligence. These delays in gathering and analyzing information weaken an organization's overall security posture, which leaves them vulnerable for extended periods.

Cyware, a provider of threat intelligence, security automation and cyber fusion solutions, helps with this obstacle with Cyware Quarterback. This user-friendly, AI-powered interface streamlines security tasks for enterprise clients and security information sharing groups.

Cyware Quarterback democratizes AI by integrating an intelligence layer across existing cybersecurity tools to aid analysts in complex decision-making and improving overall effectiveness. It automates tasks like investigation, threat hunting and policy management, working with over 400 security and IT tools. These automated actions are reusable and can be combined to form playbooks.

Cyware Quarterback automates incident response by connecting various applications and personnel. It transforms threat intelligence into actionable responses to keep humans in control throughout the process.

Security professionals can also use Cyware Qarterback to execute efficient actions with their existing tools. It generates responses using different LLMs and uniquely allows for comparing these responses to gain a comprehensive view of security incidents.

By adding Cyware Quarterback to its security suite, Cyware enhances user experience, streamlines AI-powered threat investigation and orchestrates responses across environments with incident summaries and impact analysis.

“Generative AI is becoming ubiquitous in cybersecurity; however, the real value lies not just in the technology itself, but in how effectively it is applied," said Anuj Goel, CEO of Cyware. "Cyware Quarterback is purposefully designed to modernize security operations and help interconnected organizations swiftly take the right action, effectively reducing the ROI of bad actors and treating the cause, not just the symptom.”

Cyware Quarterback’s “beta” release will be available to select ISAC members starting May 31. The platform is slated for a broader general release in the weeks to follow, extending access to a wider range of users across the cybersecurity community.

Edited by Alex Passett
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