1Password's Integration with CrowdStrike Reduces Enterprise Security Hassles

1Password's Integration with CrowdStrike Reduces Enterprise Security Hassles

By Alex Passett

1Password prides itself on being “more than a simple password manager” – experts on the 1Password team have built solutions for secure password sharing and automatic password generation for new accounts (plus data breach alerts, if and when needed), as well as services that take the guesswork out of monitoring credentials via a unified dashboard where immediate actions can be taken. Enterprise workforces can also protect sign-ins, SSH keys, credit cards and sensitive documents securely (and with fewer IT support tickets and increased ROI, to boot).

1Password knows that increased hybrid work alternatives, in-demand SaaS bundles and productivity hikes have resulted in people bringing what’s been deemed “a multitude of unmanaged applications and devices into their environments,” and keeping tight security measures in place is an undeniable must. (More so now than it’s ever been.) For this, 1Password also offers its Extended Access Management (XAM) to ensure authentic user identities and healthy devices with comprehensive visibility and robust policy enforcement to keep data safe.

Additionally, 1Password makes smart decisions integration-wise in order to reduce the hassles often associated with monitoring multiple complex security events at once.

This is where its latest integration comes into play.

Just last week, 1Password announced a new integration with none other than CrowdStrike, the provider of redefined security measures via its advanced cloud-native enterprise protection platform.

1Password’s strategic integration with CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM – which has been described as “the definitive AI-native SOC platform” – unifies 1Password and CrowdStrike Falcon’s platform data with advanced threat intelligence and automation to drive real workflow transformations.

Here’s how it works:

CrowdStrike Falcon Next-GEN SIEM ingests 1Password Business account activity (e.g. sign-in attempts, item usage, and audit events) using the 1Password Events API. Then, enterprise security teams can build out their own graphs and dashboard insights to more advantageously analyze account activity, set up custom alerts, and cross-reference specific 1Password events with data from other third-party services.

From David Faugno, 1Password President and COO:

“Enterprise security departments face an uphill battle balancing security and productivity in today’s hybrid workplace. 1Password helps enterprises address this challenge by allowing users to use the applications and devices they choose to stay productive while ensuring those applications are accessed securely from devices that can be trusted. The integration of the data from this critical security layer with CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM will provide security that keeps up with the demands of the modern workforce.”

According to the official release, the 1Password Business integration with CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM is available now on the CrowdStrike Marketplace, CrowdStrike’s resource-filled ecosystem of third-party products and solutions.

Read more about what 1Password has to offer here from fellow writer and editor Greg Tavarez in an article we published earlier this morning.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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