Gluware 5.3: Network Management on Autopilot with Enhanced Plug-and-Play

Gluware 5.3: Network Management on Autopilot with Enhanced Plug-and-Play

By Greg Tavarez

The way businesses manage their networks is on the cusp of a major transformation, and it's all thanks to automation. According to Gartner, 30% of companies are expected to automate more than half of their network tasks by 2026. That's a big leap from the 10% that were doing so in early 2023.

This surge in network automation signifies an awareness of its potential benefits. Think of it this way, your IT team, freed from the burden of repetitive tasks like configuration and provisioning. Automation can take care of those, and your tech wizards can focus on more strategic initiatives.

So, what's driving this automation surge?  AI and machine learning play a key role. These technologies make it possible to automate complex network functions that were once the exclusive domain of human network administrators.

Now, some of you might be wondering, "Does this mean robots are going to take my job?" The answer is likely no. Instead, network automation should be seen as a way to empower IT staff.  With automation handling the mundane, IT professionals will have more time to focus on what they do best: solving problems, strategizing and keeping your company's network running smoothly. 

An example of a company helping with network automation is Gluware. Gluware automates the networks of some of the larger and more complex enterprises by keeping them secure and in compliance. The company's code-free, multi-vendor solutions and intent-based approach to network automation reduce the business risk of outages while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

Improving on its platform, Gluware recently released Gluware 5.3, which accelerates and expands the capabilities of network automation within customers' mission critical networks. The update allows Gluware to help IT leaders secure networks faster and ensure network performance through a suite of comprehensive plug-and-play features.

Gluware 5.3 features updates to Network RPA, allowing users to program any third-party API call through the platform's a drag-and-drop interface, optimizing integrations and delivering the fastest time to value in the industry.

It also offers new software delivery features that allow for more flexibility and granularity in providing OS upgrades at scale.

Furthermore, Gluware 5.3 added support for third-party solutions in OS Manager. This feature gives netops teams improved management capabilities of their multi-vendor network environments to enhance security, reduce risk and prevent outages.

Additional new features include expanded IPv6 support for file servers, enhanced prebuilt integrations with ServiceNow and Cisco, configuration backup and restore, increased multi-vendor and multi-domain support and network RPA enhancements.

"At Gluware, customer success is our top priority," said Ernest Lefner, chief product officer at Gluware. "We have a deep understanding of customers' critical priorities and are laser-focused on building products that make their work easier and deliver tangible results."

With features that simplify the deployment and management of network solutions, Gluware continues to enable IT teams to ensure business continuity with greater efficiency.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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