A New Era of Data Security: CyberProtonics Makes Quantum-Resistant, Software-Based Cryptosystem Accessible and Essential

A New Era of Data Security: CyberProtonics Makes Quantum-Resistant, Software-Based Cryptosystem Accessible and Essential

By Alex Passett

Let’s talk about CyberProtonics, shall we?

The long-story-short of it is simple: CyberProtonics is a cybersecurity trailblazer. Its teams devise legacy-friendly, breach-immune systems that epitomize plug-and-play usability when it comes to helping businesses rethink modern protection.

The long-story-longer is equally important, readers: CyberProtonics’ experts have built their blistering-fast solutions because of how well-acquainted they’ve become with a bitter-yet-necessary pill to swallow – cyber attacks aren’t lessening, nor are they even just “growing.”

They’re flourishing.

But then again, so is CyberProtonics.

CyberProtonics’ lightweight, quantum-resistant technology uses a small code footprint and low computing requirements to provide what its teams proudly call “impermeable security” for data at rest or in transit (and without compromise to performance, to boot). Turning data into its own “invincible cipher” that forces bad actors to leave only with useless data after a breach attempt, CyberProtonics creates real peace of mind.

“Our encryption lives in routers at home and at work, in satellites above, in IoT devices, AI, and everything in-between,” one representative stated. “With us, your data is encrypted everywhere, every single time.”

So, that’s the CyberProtonics backstory.

Now, the news:

Earlier this morning, CyberProtonics officially introduced its software-based cryptosystem that makes being quantum-ready even easier, more practical, and much more affordable. This advanced (and highly embeddable) cryptosystem generates encryption speeds of 512 bits to upwards of 10,000 bits, rendering attackers’ grabs at stolen data, again, totally worthless.

Further benefits of CyberProtonics’ proprietary software include:

  • A robust licensing engine for both connected and air-gapped models
  • Post-quantum symmetric key-based encryption for on-prem legacy systems and modern SASE frameworks (i.e. “stronger than any currently deployed application of AES, RSA, or ChaCha20,” per CyberProtonics)
  • Fully automated key management that eliminates manual key distribution issues as result of human error
  • Full compliance with regulatory mandates and industry standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX
  • Zero effect on devices’ computing or memory cycles

CyberProtonics sees great use cases for this indispensable layer of quantum-resistant security. These include work-from-home environments, for commercial data (e.g. banking, finance, healthcare, hyperconnected commerce, etc.), for protecting critical infrastructure with resilient security in factories, power plants and wastewater treatment facilities, for IoT sensors and devices (e.g. wearables, CVs, and portable communications), LLMs, satellites, and even for defending UAVs.

Per Greg Welch, CEO of CyberProtonics:

“In a world where cybercrimes are an everyday occurrence, we’re on a mission to encrypt all data to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands, rendering breached data useless to malicious actors, hostile nation states and their proxies. Innovators, users, regulators, and OEMs need and deserve affordability, speed, and performance in data protection that’s accessible anywhere, any place, and protects every time. CyberProtonics immediately turns the organization’s diamonds of data into coal, unusable by anyone except those intended.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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