Partner Confidence and Fast Support: Why MSPs Choose Wildix

Partner Confidence and Fast Support: Why MSPs Choose Wildix

By Greg Tavarez

Every MSP's goal is to attract new clients and develop long-lasting relationships with them. At MSP Expo 2024, I sat in on a session with Tim TrueLove, country manager, Americas region, Wildix, who discussed the use of UCaaS for MSPs to solidify business equity. He used Wildix as a prime example of how its products can assist MSPs.

During the session, attendees learned different strategies to boost their revenue streams. They also learned how to better craft a transformative portfolio that captivates new and existing customers, which then drives additional monetization opportunities.

That same day, though, I had a chance to meet with TrueLove in the exhibit hall to further discuss what Wildix brings to MSPs. First thing he mentioned to me was the new line of phones they introduced.

TrueLove mentioned that these models target various organizational needs and that they come with flexible acquisition options to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

WelcomeConsole is designed for high-volume call environments like reception desks and call centers. Start is suitable for shared spaces such as conference rooms, and provides essential features like clear audio and basic call functions. WorkForce is optimized for standard office use and offers core features in an ergonomic design. ForcePro, the latest addition, features an adjustable display and improved Wi-Fi connectivity, ideal for customer-facing roles.

And with these phones, Wildix provides flexible acquisition options. HWaaS (Hardware as a Service) entails a monthly subscription covering the phone, maintenance and support. OpEx allows spreading the purchase cost over monthly payments, and CapEx offers a one-time purchase option.

“With our pricing options, MSPs set their own prices confidently," said TrueLove. "No partner conflict, and you get fast tech support.”

I then asked TrueLove what makes Wildix stand out from competitors.

“Being 100% channel focused is what makes Wildix different,” said TrueLove. “You maintain your business equity, and we support you to make sure you are successful. If the MSP fails, we fail.”

Because I have written articles in the past about Wildix’s x-hoppers and x-bees, I wanted to clarify something with x-bees. For some background, x-bees is a customer communication management platform designed to boost sales. It helps manage website leads, integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot and facilitates internal and external communication. Essentially, it is a unified hub for nurturing leads and closing deals, accessible across devices and integrated with existing workflows.

The question asked was about the real-time transcription feature on x-bees and whether it can handle different accents and industry-specific jargon accurately.

“X-bees can recognize your specific voice. If you say your name as a certain phrase, the AI recognizes that,” said TrueLove. “Another person won’t be able to put a headset on and say your name because of voice recognition. It’s personalized to you.”

Being personalized is key here. Personalized voice AI understands unique voices, accents and slang. This makes it less likely to misunderstand commands and more like a natural conversation.

Chatting with TrueLove was a great experience. Within that small window, I learned more about Wildix even though I have written about them in the past. For many, Wildix is an ideal choice because of its integrations, services and customizability.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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