CoreStack Elevates MSPs with Cloud Assessment Product

CoreStack Elevates MSPs with Cloud Assessment Product

By Greg Tavarez

Cloud transformation is a strategic journey for organizations as they transition from traditional IT infrastructures to cloud-based solutions. This progression involves migrating digital assets, applications and workloads to the cloud and often begins with excitement and optimism about the potential benefits.

However, it also becomes increasingly vital for organizations to maintain a focus on optimization and a well-architected approach.

Optimization in the cloud context means consistently fine-tuning resources to strike the right balance between performance and cost-efficiency. It entails regularly reviewing and adjusting configurations to match actual usage, ensuring that resources are neither over-provisioned nor underutilized. A well-architected cloud environment is built on best practices, covering aspects like security, reliability, performance, cost efficiency and operational excellence.

The imperative lies in recognizing that cloud transformation is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. Failure to prioritize optimization and a well-architected approach can lead to increased costs, security vulnerabilities and operational challenges. Organizations must continually assess and adjust their cloud environments to ensure they remain efficient, secure, and aligned with their evolving business objectives, ultimately deriving maximum value from their cloud investments.

Therefore, CoreStack, a global multi-cloud governance provider, released CoreStack Assessments, a product that simplifies and streamlines multi-cloud assessments for MSPs and their enterprise customers.

CoreStack Assessments equips MSPs and SIs to run multi-cloud assessments at scale against cloud-native well-architected frameworks as well as custom frameworks, enabling them to quickly and easily identify and resolve issues across security and compliance, cost and operations.

CoreStack Assessments offers built-in compatibility with frameworks from Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP. Partners have the flexibility to import their own custom frameworks, generate custom assessment frameworks aligned with hyperscaler standards or even design entirely new frameworks.

“Armed with these powerful assessment capabilities, our partners will be able to capitalize more quickly on the opportunities that matter and help their customers realize the full potential of their cloud investments,” said Saba Arumugam, CoreStack’s Chief Technology Officer. “This solution provides our partners a robust, flexible and streamlined assessment experience so they can help customers embrace cloud best practices in the most efficient way possible.”

CoreStack Assessments is part of CoreStack NextGen Cloud Governance, which utilizes AI for seamless, continuous governance across FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps via a unified dashboard. This unified approach simplifies cloud management and enhances revenues and efficiencies, regardless of whether customers use AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI or a combination of cloud providers.

With its multi-tier hierarchy, identity separation, streamlined workflow and advanced automated issue identification and recommendations, CoreStack Assessments provides MSPs better flexibility and scalability in assessments.

Learn more about cloud assessment products at MSP Expo 2024. Taking place February 13-15, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, MSP Expo is the premier event for MSPs, offering a three-day experience combining conference education focused on growth strategies, networking opportunities, an exhibit hall full of the latest technologies and solutions to help MSPs build their businesses.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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