MSP Expo Sponsor Ooma Adds Features to Ooma Office for Next-Level Business Communication

MSP Expo Sponsor Ooma Adds Features to Ooma Office for Next-Level Business Communication

By Greg Tavarez

SMBs are the backbone of the U.S. economy. They create jobs, providing employment opportunities for millions of individuals across the country. These businesses also foster innovation, as they are often more agile and flexible in adapting to market trends and technological advancements.

Still, being the backbone doesn’t mean they have Grade A tools. For example, when it comes to communicating with customers or even collaborating internally, SMBs simply do not have the tools that their larger enterprise counterparts have.

Effective communication is crucial for success. These businesses aspire to employ advanced solutions that enhance their interactions with customers while facilitating seamless internal collaboration. Enterprises understand that accessing such tools not only improves their professional image but also streamlines operations, boosts efficiency and enables them to compete more effectively in their respective markets.

There is a player in the telecommunications industry that has a mission to help SMBs gain access to communication tools similar to what larger enterprises have. That company is Ooma. Ooma is known for its VoIP technology, which leverages the power of the internet to provide high-quality voice calls and other communication services.

To meet the needs of SMBs, Ooma also offers Ooma Office. Ooma Office empowers SMBs with streamlined communication management, enhanced customer interactions, and seamless internal collaboration. It features a virtual receptionist for automated call handling, extension dialing for swift internal communication and conference calling for remote teamwork.

Ooma Office's user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness resonate with SMBs, offering features like unified messaging, mobile app integration and scalability. This enables businesses to boost efficiency, professionalism, and customer engagement, contributing to their growth and success.

Building on that, Ooma added selling and collaboration features to its Ooma Office business communications service.

One of these features is Online Bookings, enabling users to create a personalized web page linked to their Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. This allows customers and prospects to conveniently schedule meetings based on available time slots.

One-to-Many Messaging eliminates the hassle of individually sending the same text message to multiple recipients by using the Ooma Office desktop app.

Messaging Templates offer pre-written text messages that can be shared across the team, optimizing communication efficiency. The message templates are available during text exchanges and can save time by eliminating the need to re-enter answers to common questions, such as a company’s operating hours or information on a new product.

Another addition is Team Chat, fostering seamless group communication within the Ooma Office desktop app, serving as an alternative to SMS texting. Users can engage in discussions, and the chat history is accessible to all participants, providing context up to three months back.

Businesses using Zoho or Freshdesk for their CRM can now integrate these systems with Ooma Office. This integration allows for calls within the CRM application, automatic pop-up of relevant customer records during incoming calls, and automatic call logging.

Ooma Office's desktop app has also been revamped with a new interface, offering a more streamlined design for efficient management of calling, texting, chat and video meetings.

“We’re dedicated to continually adding new features to Ooma Office to give our customers the opportunity to do more with their phone system, while sticking with our commitment to provide a service that is affordable and easy to manage,” said Dennis Peng, Vice President of Product Management at Ooma.

Ooma Office is designed for easy setup and usage, emphasizing flexibility without long-term contracts. The service offers transparent pricing across three plans: Ooma Office Essentials at $19.95 per user, Ooma Office Pro at $24.95 per user, and Ooma Office Pro Plus at $29.95 per user on a monthly basis (excluding taxes and fees). All recently introduced features are included in the Ooma Office Pro Plus plan without extra charges. The Ooma Office Pro plan encompasses Messaging Templates and the new interface for the Ooma Office Desktop App at no additional cost.

Ooma is a Platinum sponsor of MSP Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Feb. 13-15, 2024. Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW, MSP Expo is the premier event for MSPs, offering a three-day experience combining conference education, networking opportunities, an exhibit hall full of the latest technologies and solutions to help MSPs build their business, and more. Ooma will be in booth #539 in the exhibit hall.

Edited by Alex Passett
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