Pax8's New Chief Experience Officer Boosts Experience with Partners, Vendors and Customers

Pax8's New Chief Experience Officer Boosts Experience with Partners, Vendors and Customers

By Greg Tavarez

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Denver, Pax8 serves as an intermediary between technology vendors and MSPs or IT resellers. Pax8's platform provides a unified marketplace where MSPs can explore, purchase and manage various cloud solutions from a multitude of vendors.

By offering a streamlined procurement process, technical support and billing solutions, Pax8 aims to empower MSPs to efficiently deliver and manage cloud services, ultimately helping businesses reap the benefits of cloud technology.

In addition (and with a commitment to fostering strong partnerships), Pax8 not only facilitates the distribution of cloud services; it also provides resources for training, marketing and sales enablement to its network of MSPs.

Look at the partnerships Pax8 has made in recent months. Its partnership with CrowdStrike gives MSPs access to bundled product offerings of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform directly on the Pax8 Marketplace. Pax8 and Redstor deliver smarter backup to MSPs to help their customers avoid data loss. Also, can’t forget about Malwarebytes' all-in-one endpoint security portfolio that's now found on the Pax8 marketplace with PSA integrations, simplifying the way MSPs operate.

It’s clear: Pax8’s focus on simplifying the cloud services landscape has contributed to its growth and recognition within the technology distribution industry.

With that said, Pax8 has created a new position that aligns with the evolving needs of the business and focuses on enhancing experience with partners, vendors and customers. Taking the Chief Experience Officer position is Craig Donovan.

“Delivering the best-in-class experience for our partners, vendors and customers is Pax8’s top priority,” said Nick Heddy, Chief Commerce Officer, Pax8. “Craig has a proven track record of leading partner enablement and services, and his innovative vision will ignite a stakeholder-centric culture across our entire organization.”

Throughout his time with Pax8, Donovan has garnered acknowledgment for his key role in cultivating a partner-centric strategy. Particularly noteworthy is his contribution to refining the partner experience through the creation of integrations for Professional Services Automation within Pax8's cloud marketplace.

The PSA integration within Pax8's cloud marketplace offers several benefits to partners. It enables them to automate routine tasks, track project progress, allocate resources and manage client communications more efficiently. This translates into improved project timelines, better resource utilization and enhanced client satisfaction. The system also facilitates accurate time tracking and billing, ensuring that partners can precisely invoice clients based on the services provided.

Donovan's visionary thinking also brought about the prosperous inauguration of Pax8 Academy, an endeavor dedicated to furnishing partners with comprehensive prospects for business and technical growth, thereby equipping them for success in the sector.

Just as Heddy stated, Donovan’s experience proves that he is ready to lead this initiative.

"Pax8 stands at the forefront of innovative ideas, technology, and initiatives that will revolutionize the industry,” said Donovan. “The formation of the Pax8 Experience Team marks an infinite opportunity for Pax8 to listen and learn with these stakeholders as we build the future of our marketplace. We will use these insights to drive programs and initiatives that foster a more connected ecosystem.”

Donovan will report to Heddy in his new role.

Edited by Alex Passett
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