Industrial Cybersecurity Transformed: Secureworks Launches Integrated MDR Solution for OT and IT

Industrial Cybersecurity Transformed: Secureworks Launches Integrated MDR Solution for OT and IT

By Greg Tavarez

The industrial sector is experiencing a profound transformation as operational technology and information technology converge, developing a new era of technological advancements and economic opportunities. However, it has also exposed the sector to heightened risks. As OT systems become increasingly interconnected, the overall attack surface expands, presenting an irresistible target for malicious actors.

The situation is exacerbated by a shortage of cybersecurity professionals on a global scale. Consequently, the industrial sector has witnessed an alarming surge in cyberattacks of unprecedented magnitude.

Data from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit underscores the severity of the issue. Between April 2022 and April 2023, 22% of Secureworks' emergency incident response engagements were exclusively within the manufacturing industry. Statistics indicate that manufacturing incidents alone constituted 20% of all ransomware-related incident response engagements handled by Secureworks during the same period.

The need for immediate action to address this pressing issue is evident. In response to that, Secureworks announced two new offerings to unify the way industrial organizations prevent, detect and respond to threats across the OT and IT landscapes: Taegis XDR for OT and Taegis ManagedXDR for OT.

The integration of threat monitoring, detection, investigation and response capabilities provided by Taegis XDR presents a game-changing opportunity for industrial organizations to mitigate risk. By eliminating the traditional visibility challenges associated with OT and IT systems, organizations can now leverage Taegis XDR to bolster their security strategies across both domains.

Notably, Taegis XDR is already the trusted choice of five of the top 20 global manufacturers. With the introduction of the industry's first integrated MDR solution for OT and IT, organizations can consolidate their security monitoring and visibility efforts under a unified platform, while benefiting from the comprehensive protection of Taegis ManagedXDR, a fully managed security solution.

Key components of this solution include 24/7 threat monitoring, collaborative response processes, customizable rules and playbooks, expert security reviews, monthly threat hunting, onboarding support and proactive services.

Taegis XDR excels in stealthy threat detection, automatically prioritizing the most critical risks. With a library of over 700,000 curated threat indicators and 20,000 countermeasures, Taegis XDR ensures comprehensive protection against emerging threats. The platform seamlessly integrates data feeds from both proprietary and third-party sources, delivering optimal support for environments utilizing diverse endpoint solutions.

Additionally, organizations can tap into the unparalleled insights provided by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit research team. Drawing upon over 20 years of experience in defending organizations globally, the team uncovers and analyzes threats targeting industrial environments. With an expansive knowledge base encompassing more than 175 active threat groups, insights gained from over 3,000 annual incident response and testing engagements and a rich dataset from Taegis, Secureworks offers invaluable intelligence on the evolving threat landscape.

"Industrial organizations will continue to be challenged by an expanding attack surface and evolving threat landscape, and the potential costs are staggering,” said Kyle Falkenhagen, chief product officer, Secureworks. “As a managed solution that unifies threat prevention, detection and response of OT and IT into a single platform, Secureworks helps organizations with OT environments reduce cyber risks and enhance their security postures as they complete their digital transformations.”

With a focus on constant innovation and comprehensive protection, this integrated solution revolutionizes cybersecurity practices, enabling industrial organizations to safeguard their critical assets and infrastructure effectively.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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