Future-Proof IT Issues with Lenovo's Premier Support Plus

Future-Proof IT Issues with Lenovo's Premier Support Plus

By Greg Tavarez

Hybrid work transformed the workplace, but IT support for employees did not fully evolve with it. Frankly, employees’ IT issues are not resolved quickly and effectively to do the work they are paid to do. As a result, motivation to work experiences falls.

Unfortunately, this makes sense. When something goes wrong, whether it is software or hardware related (and IT support does not contact them back or solve the issue quickly) the employee feels undervalued.

And this is no fault of the IT teams. They are stretched thin with routine maintenance and heavy support workloads. The worrying part is, IT environments are not going to slow down; especially with the growing adoptions of cloud services, digital intelligence augmentations, and the metaverse. So, effective IT support is even more essential to employee experience and morale.

Incorporating AI into IT support is one way to make it more effective. In fact, nine in 10 employees recognize that AI has a positive role to play in helping them stay productive, while eight in 10 prefer a blend of AI and human interaction, according to Lenovo.

Lenovo, known for delivering smarter technology for all, has a mission to empower organizations with practical and sustainable technology to drive innovation and future-readiness. To help businesses and their IT teams stay future ready, Lenovo offers its comprehensive IT support service, Premier Support Plus.

The service is essential for the current needs of a hybrid workforce and digital transformation in organizations, combining advanced AI for smarter, preventative services (while providing human support where it’s needed most) for the seamless and direct IT support that employees are looking for.

Premier Support Plus, developed with key enterprise and end user pain points in mind, offers a comprehensive support service and protection for IT problems. AI-driven predictive analytics enable proactive and preventative issue detection and the ability to identify and address many potential IT problems.

Accidental damage protection provides coverage beyond a traditional system warranty. The Keep Your Drive service retains users’ hard drives and provides full customer ownership of their data, improving data security and ensuring compliance with data privacy and retention requirements.

Sealed battery services extend battery support for up to three years, where Lenovo-certified technicians are assigned to ensure effective and efficient battery replacement when needed.

Premier Support Plus also offers a dedicated services engagement manager to enterprises, providing proactive asset reporting and tracking.

“IT departments need to deliver on employees’ experience of IT, every single day,” said John Stamer, Vice President and General Manager, Global Product Services at Lenovo. “So, in addition to being an increasingly trusted partner in intelligent transformation, we’re also incredibly focused on delivering practical innovation.”

Businesses looking to solve and future-proof their IT services now need to look no further. Lenovo Premier Support Plus is available now.

Edited by Alex Passett
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