Codex IT Reaches Wasatch Front Through Intranet Consulting Acquisition

Codex IT Reaches Wasatch Front Through Intranet Consulting Acquisition

By Greg Tavarez

Codex IT is committed to helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to optimize patient care and deliver better patient outcomes. The technology vendor supports, manages and monitors all regular components of an IT infrastructure – workstations, servers, firewalls, etc.

Codex IT’s services are performed by using a fixed cost MSP model that allows healthcare organizations to budget how they want without any bills that scream “Surprise!”

Knowing what it offers to the healthcare industry, Codex IT is expanding its services along the Wasatch Front and the rest of Utah through its acquisition of Intranet Consulting, an MSP based in Salt Lake City.

Intranet Consulting offers technology support and solutions to organizations on the Wasatch Front. Its mission is to create an environment in which systems run reliably, data is protected, and the end user experience is consistently productive and positive.

This strategic acquisition, a first for Codex IT, ensures the company continues as the partner of choice for healthcare groups as it enters the western U.S. and expands its national footprint to five support centers across the U.S.

"Our strategic acquisition of Intranet Consulting broadens our national reach, boosts our expertise and enhances our support capabilities," said Wes Strickling, Codex IT’s CEO. "Now, with technology support centers in Columbus, Charlotte, Detroit, Boston, and now Salt Lake City, we are one of the leading healthcare IT companies in the country."

Codex IT is not the only beneficiary from the acquisition. Intranet Consulting is now enabled to expand its capacity with the hope of exceeding its clients’ technology support expectations.

"Our combined capabilities will allow us to help our progressive clients continue to grow in their respective markets by providing the best experience for both patients and staff,” said Glen Schimmelpfennig, President of Intranet Consulting.

Strickling and Schimmelpfennig worked to bring the two organizations together.

Edited by Alex Passett
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