Unified Cybersecurity Platform from Todyl Addresses MSP Cybersecurity Challenges

Unified Cybersecurity Platform from Todyl Addresses MSP Cybersecurity Challenges

By Juhi Fadia

Earlier this year, security and networking company Todyl closed on an A Round of $28 million. At the same time, Todyl introduced its all-in-one security and networking platform that unified additional, purpose-built capabilities, including Managed Cloud SIEM, Endpoint Security (EDR + NGAV), GRC, and MXDR into Todyl’s SASE platform. Each of these capabilities is available through Todyl’s cloud-first, single-agent platform.

Todyl’s mission of empowering businesses of any size with a complete, end-to-end security program centers around ensuring the platform is easy to use, cost-effective, and efficiently scalable. Todyl achieves this by developing a cloud-first, single-agent platform that makes sophisticated cybersecurity and networking capabilities accessible to any business in a cloud-first world.

The Todyl Security Platform spans prevention, detection, and response by unifying over 15 different security and networking capabilities, empowering organizations to implement a highly effective security program calibrated to their unique needs. With Todyl, MSPs have access to a full suite of security and networking capabilities, as well as a team of security experts through Todyl’s MXDR offering. Todyl’s MXDR service helps partners identify and eliminate threats faster with a named account manager, monthly updates, direct lines of communications, and a 24×7 managed SOC providing customized threat hunting, reporting, prevention, detection, and response.

Today, Todyl announced that its solutions are now available on the Pax8 cloud services marketplace for MSPs. Pax8 continues to add new vendors and enrich the curated offerings in its marketplace across cybersecurity, as well as communications, business continuity, infrastructure as a service, integrations, networking, operations, and productivity applications.

Todyl, based in Denver, Colorado, was among the first to bring a SASE platform to MSPs in 2019. Todyl grew its revenue by more than 300 percent in 2021, according to the company, and tripled the size of its team in six months. Todyl’s flexible security and networking platform helps MSPs bring enterprise-level security to their customers in the small and medium-size business market. These business customers range from solo law practices to mid-market companies with hundreds of offices.

"Statistics show that more than 89 percent of businesses have been affected by a cyberattack,” said Sophie Merrifield, VP of Vendor Product Management at Pax8.  “Offering best-in-class security solutions for our partners is a top priority for Pax8, and Todyl’s all-in-one platform will help businesses with highly effective security and networking to defend against evolving threats.”  

The Todyl Security Platform is modular by design, so that businesses can select the capabilities they need based on their unique needs and risk profiles, helping maximize security for every budget. Each platform module is optimized for interoperability, helping to overcome the integration challenges and complexity of point solutions. The company encourages a mindset shift among small businesses, from thinking “I’m too small to be a cybercrime target” to leveraging the same technology and cybersecurity expertise that larger organizations rely on to keep their businesses operating.

“The unification of SASE, endpoint security, SIEM, MXDR and GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) into a single platform is revolutionary in the security space,” said Todyl CEO and founder John Nellen. “We’re helping our partners streamline operations, simplify architectures and, most importantly, deliver powerful and comprehensive security for every budget.”

“Our mission is to empower businesses of any size with a complete, end-to-end security program,” Nellen added. “We accomplish this by ensuring the platform is easy to use, cost-effective, and efficiently scalable. The partnership with Pax8 will help more MSPs quickly gain access to the same security capabilities the largest organizations in the world use to defend themselves, tailored to the unique needs of SMBs. We designed the platform to be highly customizable, allowing businesses to pick and choose what they need based on their risk profile and needs.” 

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Juhi Fadia is an engineer, analyst, researcher and writer covering advanced and emerging technologies.

Edited by Erik Linask
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