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By Greg Tavarez

2022 is an exciting and challenging time for communication service providers as those combining communication and convergence are expanding the number of service offerings available and breaking barriers between traditional telecoms and managed services. Many end-business customers are seeking fewer vendors to buy services from and are gravitating to those that offer more services.

“CSPs are going to have to streamline processes and really remove a lot of single points of failure from their operation,” said Patrick Elliott, vice president of marketing at, a software-as-a-service provider offering a configurable cloud native subscription-based platform to communication service providers that run the gamut from traditional legacy telecom companies to innovative IoT and wireless providers to MSPs. is exhibiting at MSP Expo, June 21-24, 2022, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  He made the comments during a recent podcast with Telecom Reseller’s Doug Green, who will be moderating several panel discussions at MSP Expo.

With around 230 clients, offers products and services to end-business customers that are charged based on usage. has automated collections that speed the back-end of quote-to-cash, a reporting engine that has built-in reports as well as custom functionality to create reports. also has customer management functionality that includes quoting, a post-sale CRM, ticketing, inventory, orders, workflows and commissions management.

“As a billing company, our core product can be described as billing as a service, which we also think of as a full cash-to-quote offering for service providers and that includes automated billing and integration to taxation databases, which are very essential to CSPs as they seek to enter new markets and launch new products and have to cope with a significant tax burden,” said Elliot.

Despite economic unevenness that affected the industry in the past couple of years due to the pandemic, is expanding its offerings to continue to support its strong revenue growth and help service providers manage businesses in smarter fashions and interconnected way. Among the new offerings are the sync product, mobile manager, analytics and payments.

The synch product is a data reconciliation and revenue assurance tool that will help compare data between client’s billing system and softswitches to reconcile data mismatches and prevent revenue leakage. mobile manager will allow clients to track a wide number of endpoints from mobile carriers and help them visualize usage to the SIM level to allow revenue assurance in the mobility space. analytics will offer a high-quality data digitalization and analysis tools that pulls data from a client’s billing instance offers detail insights in revenue trends, usage trends, accounts receivable, customer lifetime value and other key areas. payments is a native merchant processing for billing clients. This is a first among the set of software vendors that serve CSPs.

“We’ve been able to stay focused on our core competencies, and we’ve really look to create exceptional outcomes for service providers in those core competencies around billing but we also expanded our offering to become more integral in the ecosystems our clients use, and I think that’s why we’ve been able to see strong growth in the last few years in particular,” said Elliot.

With those current offerings, is looking ahead for the rest of 2022. is wanting to expand internationalization of billing and launch a multicurrency feature with capabilities that will be used by billing departments at CSPs that want to build domestic and international calls using date from

International call rating will have a new feature that will calculate charges in the correct currency. With this feature, users will be able to select any currency worldwide from the dropdown menu in the instance, associate that currency with the product in the catalog and be able to rate usage and generate bills related to those specific products in the right currency. also wants to continue to build up the culture element within the system, such as allowing bill formatting in various address styles that apply to a given country.

Circling back to analytics, the fundamental nature of the system will stay in place, and is looking to move it from a separate kind of instance to embed analytics within instances which will allow easy access through a single point of entry. is continuously looking for ways to refresh and enhance functionality as it relates to MSP customers such as scoping the next generation of its ConnectWise integration to better serve the evolving needs of MSPs. is also developing and launching cloud license billing capabilities, setting up unique billing requirements for non-telecom products that are sold as overall cloud services to end customers.

“In the best-case scenario, we want our clients to be able to bill for telecom and non-telecom services like these cloud services into the future to better reflect the reality of the environment that we are moving into,” said Elliot. will be in Booth #535 in the MSP Expo exhibit hall.

Edited by Erik Linask

MSPToday Editor

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