Aparavi Partners with Terralogic to Expand Data Governing Services


Aparavi Partners with Terralogic to Expand Data Governing Services

By Luke Bellos

SaaS platform and data management service company Aparavi revealed it will be partnering with IT service provider Terralogic to support businesses with data consolidation and management.

The risks of data breaches and security compromises have jumped dramatically as online hackers and malware developers look to exploit businesses with minimal protections. The cloud revolution that began over the last two years has encouraged many businesses to shift data away from legacy infrastructure, which has numerous benefits from a productivity and financial perspective. However, these quick changes have left many companies in jeopardy as online hackers attempt to exploit networks without the proper precautions.

The partnership between Terralogic and Aparavi intends to offer customers a holistic approach to data management, allowing businesses to take full advantage of accumulated cloud data with complete security through Aparavi's Advantage partnership program.

"With the growing sophisticated cyber-attacks over the years, it becomes absolutely imperative for organizations to know and protect their Data. Organizations need to have a view of their more critical information residing over Cloud, Data Centers, Email & Endpoints," says Sandeep Vijayaraghavan, Vice President of Cybersecurity & IT Services at Terralogic. "The Aparavi platform enables Terralogic to offer multiple data services to our customers with deep data intelligence to discover, classify, optimize and exploit distributed data across the enterprise to aid our customers in mitigating data risk, reducing and avoiding cost and ultimately gain competitive advantage by knowing their data,"

By allowing customers to manage various data solutions through a single platform, customers will have complete control over critical information without the complexity typically found when using separated programs.

"We are enabling our MSP partners to easily deliver numerous data services powered by the Aparavi platform, which was designed with multi-tenancy for service providers easy management of multiple customers data," says Peter Worsnop, VP of Strategic Accounts and Alliances at Aparavi. "Powered by the Aparavi Platform, Terralogic's customers can expect a user-friendly and intelligent data management that can aid in reducing data footprint from 6-46%, crush costs by 8-40%, exploit data value and mitigate risk almost immediately."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, MSPToday

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