Action1 Releases Free Edition of Remote Management Solution

By Luke Bellos

Many established companies have been swift to adapt to remote and cloud-based services due to the on-going pandemic. However, smaller companies that lack the financial and technical resources that larger companies have may be struggling to keep up with the recent changes.

Thankfully, there’s a company making it possible to utilize advanced remote management tools for free.

Action1, a Cloud-based endpoint security solution provider, has just announced that their technology will be available to small businesses with up to 50 endpoints, at no cost. Users will be granted full accesses to a full set of remote management and endpoint security features such as patch management, remote desktop, software deployment, reporting, and alerting.

"IT administrators at small organizations have been struggling to support remote workers since the massive switch to work from home due to COVID," said Mike Walters, President of Action1 Corporation. "Action1 now arms them with free remote management system to ensure efficiency and security without adding additional costs during these difficult times."

Action1’s support system is not a free trial, and isn’t supported by advertising. And the service doesn’t monetize user data, which has become an increasingly common trend with “free” services in programming. This will allow smaller organizations to take advantage of advanced features without running up costs during these uncertain times.

"Action1 came to the rescue when my clients had to switch to remote work," said Paul Greenwood at Century IT Services. "All of the existing tools and procedures, such as timely patch management and software deployment stopped working, since everybody stopped connecting their laptops to office networks. Remote desktop access also became essential to provide IT support to people working from their homes. Action1 is free and it helps tremendously."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, MSPToday

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