Safe and Efficient Document Management

Safe and Efficient Document Management

By Special Guest
Justin Weinger

The effectiveness of your MSP document management is directly related to customer satisfaction. Appropriate management has to be not only secure but also impeccably organized, easily updated and accessible at all times. The amount of data that an MSP handles can easily reach terabytes in a matter of months depending on the scale of their business and the size of their clients' information; whether it's forms or reports, data must always be available to those who need them in a safe, secure virtual environment.

Your own MSP's strategy can be perfected with a cloud based documentation management software like Passportal. This platform offers a centralized portal to host all of your clients' important documentation in a secure location. Real-time updates, data reports and automation ensure that every piece of information is always sorted exactly where it belongs without affecting the speed or quality of your service. Read on to discover some of the most important elements of document management and how these features in N-able Backup and Passportal can put them in your company's reach.

Password Protection

Customers depend on you to provide a stable and reliable infrastructure for their networks; protecting their passwords and confidential information is a core principle of your service. Encrypted data in Passportal allows automated storage while control access can be granted to specific clients to ensure compliance regulations are always met. You can keep all of your clients' credentials safely stored through Passportal. This fully integrated documentation support tool allows your IT division to provide consistent support and streamlined delivery regardless of which technician is working or how many times a client has requested assistance.

Secure Backup

Hosting data on the cloud protects loss from hardware malfunction, theft, vandalism and internal security threats. One of the many features of N-able Backup is Onedrive backup in order to help enterprise data stay secure. Any outage that can cause a loss in business productivity could lead to missed opportunities for customers, so it’s important to quickly restore from failure. As many customers use Microsoft 365, and services like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange as part of the day to day, any loss could be devastating. Backing up to save documents from damage or deletion for enhanced protection, into a single platform, can avoid any productivity losses and maintain efficiency by ensuring critical data does not fall through the cracks.

Unlimited Accessibility

A dashboard should be easy to navigate and intuitive for everyone; your MSP document management has to be company-wide and governed not only by the best policies but also the right platform. A single software like N-able Backup can be connected with a suite of other tools that automatically appear on the system's dashboard; team members will always be able to access exactly what they need, receive important notices and updates and even generate reports that fit a particular set of diagnostic criteria. Accessing documents can become one of the greatest barriers to productivity and quality of service in customer support; an automated system will reduce the complications that arise with manual or non-collaborative software.

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