The Gloves Are Off: Managed IT Services v. Break/Fix Computer Services

By Special Guest
Stuart R. Crawford

Managed IT services offer businesses solutions that ensure their data network networks and core systems never go down. It’s a service delivery model that fits comfortably into this world of ever-shifting technology. This is essential to helping businesses stay ahead of the inherent risks that come with rapid tech advancements and disruptions.

On the other corner, we have Breakdown/fix computer services. Such is effective only when something goes wrong with your systems architecture. And, with the complex systems, we have these days, that’s not effective.

Dallas Managed IT Services Provider, Tristan Stewart referees this bout between MSP and Break/Fix.

Why Is There Less Demand for Break/Fix Computer Services?

You need a solution that focuses on long-term service and a proactive approach, not one that pops up when you have an emergency. That’s why there’s a noticeably sharp decline in the demand for break/fix computer services.

However, some IT practitioners still advocate for break/fix computer services. So let’s have a look at the benefits and demerits of both service delivery models so we can settle this debate.

The Merits of Break/Fix Computer Services

There very few advantages to such services:

  • No Service Contracts and Monthly Charges

Here the proponents of break/fix services make a strong case. You get to pay only for the problems that they fix. This can be a real gamble if you depend on technology, but it’s cost-effective when running on a tight budget.

  • A Measure of Control

Such a service delivery model also gives you control over when and how IT teams can serve your technological needs.

The Demerits of Break/Fix Computer Services

The demerits of break/fix outnumber the advantages.

  • Price Factor

The cost of break/fix services is unpredictable. Your invoice will include consultations fees, service charges, and even an hourly rate. This makes budgeting for such services difficult, as they also don’t offer any preventative measures.

  • Short-Term Solutions

Break/fix address issues that have already become a problem for your organization. They are not proactive in their approach, so you don’t get that much help in dealing with future problems.

  • Disruptive

Break/fix service teams can disrupt normal operations in your office as they work on your problem. This may include moving cables and equipment around your premises, which may make it hard for your employees to focus on their tasks.

  • Passive Protection

Minor system irregularities often go unnoticed by break/fix IT companies. At times, this can lead to disaster, as they can be viable endpoints for opportunistic cyber-attacks.

The Merits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services open your business to a world of boundless possibilities. There are so many benefits to such services, aside from leaving, you feeling less stressed about the health of your core business systems. Let’s look at the five main benefits.

  • Proactive Monitoring

Managed IT teams deploy technologies that monitor your systems for issues and potential glitches. Such vigilance adequately prepares managed IT teams to deal with worst-case scenarios and contingencies for business continuity.

  • Protection

Such a constant vigilance allows them to resolve such irregularities before they become a real problem. This is highly beneficial as there’s a need to be prepared continuously in these times where hackers have perfected their craft.

  • Constant Updates

Dealing with constant systems and application updates can be a tedious and costly affair. Managed IT services are there to ensure your systems constantly remain up-to-date. They also handle your IT security on third-party applications and formulate adequate backups.

  • Customer Care and Support

A managed IT specialist is always a call away to answer your concerns 24/7. You can also reach out via chat or email to get insightful information or the help you need.

  • Structured Billing Practices

Managed IT services have a subscription model that allows you to pick the services that you need. This comes at a low and predictable monthly fee. So, you can come up with a monthly budget that meets your business needs at both scale and cost.

The Demerits of Managed IT Services

There are few downsides to such a service delivery model. They also mirror the benefits of break/fix computer services.

  • Openness and Control

Managed IT services teams require you to be open to allowing them complete access to your business-critical systems. This often makes many enterprises feel less in control of their systems as they would with bread/fix solutions.

This may appear true, but it’s not that simple. With break/fix computer services, you only get to decide who and when to call. You don’t get to decide what they do to address your problem. Managed IT services contracts, on the other hand, clearly stipulate the roles of your service provider.

  • Service Contracts

Managed IT services come with a contractual obligation. Some companies feel overburdened by such a commitment. However, such contracts build a foundation of trust and dedication to quality service delivery. Break/fix IT services don’t often come with contracts but pop-up to solve challenges. This can be especially incontinent when they give you inconsistent bills with questionable charges.

There Are The Facts, Now You Decide!

The proponents and detractors of both theses service delivery models have made strong arguments for their preferred model. But, in the end, you bare the power to decide which one works best for your business set up. We hope this information makes your choice easier.

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