Is Microsoft Edge The Right Business Browser Choice?

By Special Guest
Stuart R. Crawford

Microsoft appears to be rolling out its latest Edge browser version in an attempt to regain its once market dominance.

After reportedly gaining upwards of 95 percent of global market share in 2003 with Internet Explorer (IE), the big tech outfit got stung by a federal antitrust suit after overpowering browsers such as Netscape. Microsoft did little to upgrade IE for years as its popularity waned. Users started to view it as outdated and buggy as upstarts such as Firefox, and Google Chrome earned favor. Microsoft failed to adequately respond to competition until 2015 when it rolled out Edge. Many considered it a pseudo 2.0, largely because it builds on IE. According to reports, Edge earned only 4.6 percent market share in 2019 with Chrome holding a whopping 69 percent and IE wallowing at 3.6 percent.

Managed IT Experts Favor Latest Microsoft Edge Browser

“I think Microsoft was smart, as Internet Explorer was so widely used but it simply could not be rewritten. Then comes Edge ‘a browser with very limited features and support’ in a world where Chrome and Firefox are wildly popular. Now in 2020, they adapt the Chrome engine with a Microsoft spin like having your websites as collections,” Nick Allo of SemTech IT Solutions reportedly said. “I have always preferred the Microsoft answer but in the past, it was not good enough. Now the browser can use all the modern extensions of Chrome with added benefits of Microsoft control like group policy, security updates.”

“Loving the new Edge Browser! Anything that runs in Chrome should run in it. Even better that it’s integrated with Windows 10 and super quick to set up,” Adam Rippon of Sydney Technology Solutions reportedly said. “That being said, from a market share point of view, Chrome has it by a long way and I don’t see it eroding that easily.”

As the saying goes, “the third time’s the charm,” and Microsoft Edge appears ready to earn its keep among business users. Managed IT experts are clearly enthusiastic about Edge 3.0 — if you will — and decision-makers may want to consider whether Edge business benefits make it your browser of choice.

What Does Edge Browser Offer Business Users?

One of the critical upgrades of the Edge browser is its eye on improved cybersecurity. The new browser works seamlessly with Windows Information Protection (WIP), previously called Enterprise Data Protection (EDP). This option allows companies to implement unique data protection protocols with managed IT cybersecurity professionals and have Edge enforce them. This avoids many of the accidental data leaks as an increased number of employees work remotely and use personal devices for business.

“I also like some of the more robust security features. For example, the tracking prevention feature that is built right in. These types of things are important for protecting privacy while browsing the Internet that is teeming with privacy issues,” Tom Martinez, CEO of tca SynerTech, reportedly said.

Microsoft Edge integrates wide-reaching options that lend credence to the notion the newly minted browser could emerge as a business darling. These include the following.

  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen: Automatically helps protect against phishing emails and malware incursions.
  • Password Monitor: This option will alert users in the event their credentials are compromised.
  • InPrivate mode: Browsing histories and searches no longer linked to your device.
  • Bing: This search engine works as the default option, but others can be utilized as well.
  • Vertical Tabs: Users can manage tabs on the side of the screen.
  • Smart Copy: Allows users to copy and paste information without reformatting in Microsoft applications.

“This is a portal into your data and apps. With the integration into Microsoft search and Office 365, it truly blurs the lines for getting to your resources. And the way they have integrated this into Bing is also interesting. They introduce a ‘work’ tab that carries you from Bing to searching your Office 365 data for files as though it was on the internet,” Frank M. Merino of Forthright Technology Partners reportedly said. “We haven't played with the enterprise-level features yet. However, we are introducing this to our clients and suggesting that they use Edge. It is faster than Google Chrome — for most things — and it's been more stable at the 40+ tabs you see people at.”

Industry leaders interested in maintaining a competitive “edge” may want to consider a consultation with a managed IT professional. The latest browser version could deliver otherwise unrealized business benefits.

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