CloudForge Development Platform Expands Developer Opportunities

By Michael Guta

In the past, developers worked for companies with on premise IT infrastructure to test and deploy their developments. However, today it is possible for a single individual to leverage powerful computing resources using cloud technology at very affordable price points.

The democratization of powerful technology is manifesting itself with innovative products that are getting introduced to the marketplace faster than ever. One organization that is making this possible is CollabNet, provider of cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions for agile software delivery at scale.

The company has announced that it the CloudForge development platform available as an add-on service in Pivotal's on-demand Platform as a Service (PaaS) service.

With cloud-based ALM, developers are able to integrate, coordinate and manage different segments of the software delivery process in a flexible platform. The new service will also be powered by Cloud Foundry and is available on-line.

The open PaaS platform of Cloud Foundry provides developers a framework and application service to simplify the process of building, testing, deploying, and scaling web and mobile applications.

In addition, the availability of CloudForge on the Pivotal Web Services add-on marketplace will give developers more opportunities for accelerating the development and deployment of enterprise applications to any cloud foundry-based platform.

Developers will be able to build websites, mobile/cloud/web applications, and rapidly prototype and deploy business software using CloudForge with a framework that allows developers to scale to thousands of users.

"Joining the Cloud Foundry ecosystem is a great fit for CloudForge as both platforms support an open and flexible approach to software development and delivery in the cloud. The move to develop and deploy applications in the cloud is growing every day, and CloudForge is attracting increasing numbers of developers, teams and organizations that want a practical path to scale without cumbersome restrictions," said Bill Portelli, co-founder and CEO of CollabNet.

With this new addition Cloud Foundry users on Pivotal's Web Services will be able to sign up for a CloudForge account and gain access to all the development based tools this platform provides. Users can manage their code, plan, track and collaborate, then deploy in Cloud Foundry. CloudForge delivers Apache Subversion and Git along with the TeamForge ALM project management platform.

"We're excited to add CloudForge to the growing Cloud Foundry ecosystem. This partnership provides an integrated suite of leading development tools to enable rapid application development, deployment and scalability. CloudForge complements the Cloud Foundry philosophy of choice, flexibility and performance with a proven suite of on-demand, enterprise-grade tools and services," said James Watters, head of product for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Contributing Writer

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