Putting Customers First Pays off for BUMI

By Rory J. Thompson

Despite all the recent concerns about raging weather, unexpected hacking or disgruntled employees, too many companies have looked at backing up their critical data as an afterthought instead of a priority. But if Jennifer Walzer, CEO of BUMI (Backup My Info!, Inc.) has her way, that thinking will soon start to evolve.

“Technology is changing so quickly, yet no one thinks about a recovery strategy,” Walzer said at the recent Cloud Expo in New York. “Our belief is that data is the lifeblood of companies. Companies and workers need to be taken care of.”

And rather than just talking about the problem, Walzer and her dedicated staff are proactively taking steps to make sure their client companies are protected from any disaster that might befall their critical data.

“We provide a premium white-glove solution for companies; we have 500 corporate clients, majority of them financial institutions,” she said. “We set them up correctly for compliance, and monitor their backup systems every day; and we do offer a very ‘white glove’ service. We can get them back up and running quickly, when they need it most.”

By focusing primarily on backup and maintaining expertise in its field, BUMI is able to protect businesses of all shapes and sizes, not only from the devastating effects of data loss, but also from the stress of having to worry about whether or not they’re adequately protected. Since 2002, the company has been supporting small to mid-sized businesses around the world. “We look at each day as an opportunity to learn from our clients and from each other, and to grow together and solve problems as a team,” Walzer said.

BUMI does so by providing personalized service that is rare in the industry. The company doesn’t even have an offsite call center; every call is answered by a live person, trained and qualified to provide help when needed. Further, BUMI stays current on all the technologies it needs to get the job done right the first time.

They have multiple solutions that offer clients the options of creating a private cloud; utilizing BUMI’s cloud; or a hybrid cloud backup option. It’s a tantalizing array of opportunities, yet the company couldn’t have gotten to the strong position it now enjoys if it weren’t for its dedicated team and state-of-the-art technology.

“One of our biggest challenges has been finding the right people for our company,” Walzer said. “We want a ‘rock-star team.’ The clients expect it, and we’ll accept no less.”

That laser-like focus has helped pay big dividends for BUMI. “Our engineers come to us with a tremendous amount of background,” Walzer noted. “This is what we do; we understand the industry.”

And while the company is going strong now, Walzer is firmly focused on the future as well. “We’ve already started planning our first company conference, three years from now,” she said. “We’re going to call it ‘BUMI-Con’.”

Still, Walzer and her team remain dedicated to what they do best: Protecting data.

“We have a great way of closing a sale,” she said. “I tell prospective clients: ‘Take two seconds to think of the following: If you were to walk into your office today and everything was wiped out, walk yourself through your recovery process. What do you do? If you can’t answer it, call us.’”

It’s a chilling scenario, but fortunately, BUMI has the solution.

Edited by Blaise McNamee
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