Managed Service Provider Week in Review


Managed Service Provider Week in Review

By Steve Anderson

A big week for managed service provider (MSP) technology means there was plenty of news to tackle, so settle in and get ready, because we're going to run down the high points of the week that was in MSP with our Week in Review!

First, we took a closer look at Amazon Redshift, which had gone to full global availability. Part of the larger array of offerings from Amazon Web Services, Amazon Redshift offers the ability for more users to get in on the concept of big data analytics services. With Amazon Redshift, big companies have the ability to analyze more of their data in one place, while smaller companies get access to a big data service that can ramp up its capabilities as the need arises.

Next, we got an interesting report in about Telefonica partnering with FeedHenry. Bringing FeedHenry into the picture allowed Telefonica to offer up its Instant Servers Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution with the added enhancement of FeedHenry's mobile application platform. This allows Telefonica customers to set up cloud-based mobile applications from start to finish, starting with design, then going to construction and finishing with management.

This isn't the first time that FeedHenry and Telefonica have worked together, as this deal builds on an earlier deal which brought FeedHenry's Mobile Application Platform to Telefonica's customers.

Security in infrastructure generating security in the cloud was our next topic, as we examined the various regulations going into cloud-based operations – like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – that affected not only the use of cloud-based environments, but also their construction.

The end result was one comparatively simple conclusion: the more secure the infrastructure, the more secure the cloud itself is likely to be, and thus, the more likely the cloud environment is to be compliant with various regulatory measures.

While also on the topic of security, we also had a look at the idea of virtual desktops and their ability to protect data from outside intrusion. Since virtual desktops allow data to be stored and accessed from a data center, rather than from a variety of different computers, the end result is a centralized environment that can customize individual desktops with the information they need. This in turn allows for only one centralized location to protect, making overall security better with fewer resources.

Plus, users get a greater flexibility since the individual virtual desktops can be accessed from different devices.

Finally, there was a bit of news from BT, who had selected a cloud technology provider in F-Secure in order to power BT Cloud service. With BT Cloud, users will be able to get in on backup services for personal files, as well as various media types including photos. The cloud service comes at no extra charge for current BT broadband customers, and there are several different levels of storage going as far up as 500 gigabytes. BT went with F-Select ahead of the array of competitors in the field thanks in large part to F-Select's background as a solution provider for other service providers, and since F-Select's line of solutions were platform independent, it allowed F-Select to be the solution in a wide range of situations.

It was a huge week in MSP, which shows just how successful our global online community was in terms of finding news to discuss right here. Be sure to check back next week for plenty more news in the field, and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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