Amdocs Releases Amdocs CES 9

By David Delony

Amdocs, a provider of customer experience systems and services, has released Amdocs CES 9, a suite of applications that it says will revolutionize the industry.

“Throughout our three-decade history, Amdocs has always kept the end customer, not the technology, firmly at the center – because the customer experience is so central to what service providers do,” said Amdocs vice president of product and solutions marketing,  Rebecca Prudhomme. “Today we're in the midst of a true communications revolution, marked by the rise of mobile data over voice as the key market dynamic, which is dramatically changing the way service providers need to operate.”

“With the explosion of connected devices and internet applications, customers have never had so much choice or service accessibility, whenever or however they want,” said Flavio Lang, marketing director at TIM Brasil. “They expect us to offer them the latest advances but to keep the experience simple. The design of CES 9 reflects Amdocs' unique understanding that solutions need to be shaped around the needs of people, not the capabilities of technology.”

The suite works a Business Support Systems (BSS), Operational Support Systems (OSS) and network control domains. The aim is to allow customers to take greater control over their experiences across any device. The suite comes with knowledge of 200 best practices for the service provider industry.

Amdocs Multichannel Self-Service provides a consistent interface for self-service customer service interactions across multiple devices.

Amdocs Proactive Care provides real-time customer service issue notification, including issue resolution, discounts, availability of new features, and billing notices using big data. It can also predict the reasons for incoming customer service calls with 95 percent accuracy.

Omni Convenient Charging integrates the company’s real-time charging, policy control, enterprise product catalog and service platform to let a client’s customers choose the services they want to pay for a-la-carte.

Amdocs Network Navigator makes it easy for network planners to visualize any part of a network hierarchy.

"The result of years of research and of working directly with the world's leading communications companies, CES 9 is designed to address service providers' four business imperatives of simplifying the customer experience; harnessing data; staying ahead of the competition and achieving operational efficiency,” Prudhomme said. “While CES 9 incorporates an array of the most advanced and powerful technologies we've ever offered, everything is focused on the goal of ensuring a simple, intuitive and delightful experience for the end user. At a time of radical change, we believe that by maintaining the focus on the customer experience, while also enabling the fast introduction of new products and services, CES 9 will unlock new revenue streams and business models for service providers.”

Amdocs OTT (over-the-top) Monetization uses predictive analytics to allow service providers to increase revenue by partnering with app and content providers.

“In order to remain competitive, service providers need to be able to improve their time to market for new services,” commented Ari Banerjee, senior analyst at Heavy Reading. “Amdocs CES 9's real-time integrated approach allows service providers to meet the customer needs of today and tomorrow while also providing their customers control of how and when they consume these services. CES 9 manages the complete customer experience: from the point of interaction on the device to the quality of network and service experience.”

Edited by Braden Becker

Contributing Writer

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