Proginov Opts for IBM PureSystems to Upgrade its IT infrastructure, SaaS

By Shankar Pandiath

IBM PureSystems will be helping Proginov, the French managed services provider (MSP), in upgrading its IT infrastructure and enhancing its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) activities.

Proginov provides SaaS for small and medium-sized companies in France, and is one of the main ERP providers. It also offers hosting services for clients who have high-availability application requirements.

Proginov not only needed the capacity built up, but wanted to strengthen its infrastructure without complicating its systems and processes or increasing risk costs. IBM Flex System Enterprise System will enable Proginov’s clients to have an efficient infrastructure, and be able to provide ample investment protection for existing IT infrastructure of Proginov.

It is secure, easy to deploy and allows a seamless and uninterrupted transition as and when new services are deployed on the systems.

For Proginov’s clients, both in retail and industry sector, the system will prove to be very helpful.

IBM Global financing enabled Proginov to acquire the IBM Flex System Enterprise System with a flexible finance arrangement. This arrangement allows Proginov to align payments with the revenue generated from its SaaS offerings.

"Supporting small and medium businesses remains a top priority for both Proginov and IBM," said Alain Henry, vice president, System and Technology Group. "The Flex System solution will allow Proginov to meet its goals and will enable them to respond to the increasing demand from their ERP clients deployed on the SaaS model."

The IBM Flex System Enterprise System makes operations smooth and hassle-free. It frees IT administrators from recurring, repetitive tasks and helps them to focus on improving the overall quality of services and efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

The integrated IBM Flex System Manager appliance node offers clients a unique, single management view for their entire IT infrastructure. They can keep an eye on the servers, storage and networking and manage it simultaneously. This software helps in optimizing the resources used and adapts resources according to the workload – and allocates resources dynamically.

This mega-capability enables Proginov to continually adapt to significant workload changes and it is equipped to offer a high-availability service constantly and consistently, 24 hours a day.

The IBM Flex System provides the building-block elements for IBM PureSystems. Clients can configure IBM Flex Systems and customize it according to their specific requirements. They can select the specific computer and systems networking that suit them, and pursue optional storage and management to aid their specific workloads.

IBM Pure Systems family offers clients a system which is less resource-intensive and needs less maintenance than its competitors. It is an excellent alternative to complex enterprise computing models currently available.

With the help of the PureFlex System, organizations can more efficiently create and manage their infrastructure. PureApplication System reduces organizational costs and helps in deploying and managing applications rapidly.

PureData System is best for storage and is tuned for cloud computing. It can consolidate more than 100 databases on a single system.

Together, PureData and PureApplication Systems can be used for end-to-end transaction workloads in organizations. Common Web application patterns supported by PureApplication System help in basic operations.

Edited by Braden Becker

MSPToday Contributor

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