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January 31, 2017

CloudJumper Steps Up MSP Bid with New Acquisition

The market for managed service providers (MSPs) is really only on the rise, and that's been seen all over the spectrum with mergers and acquisitions along with a variety of new moves. Recently, CloudJumper demonstrated this market move firsthand by landing a new business unit geared toward driving its channel operations forward in the field.

The details of the deal were kept very close to the vest, though it's known that CloudJumper paid cash straight up for this business unit, bought from an unknown seller. With the purchase, reports note, CloudJumper gets access to a massive portfolio including 50 MSP and independent software vendors (ISVs) partners, all using workspace as a service (WaaS) and / or cloud application delivery systems as part of normal operations.

For its part, CloudJumper expects the various new partners involved to turn to CloudJumper's line of services within the next six months, with a particular focus on CloudJumper's nWorkSpace system. The nWorkSpace system takes many common operational headaches out of the picture, as those who use it no longer have to manage the various factors involved in bringing a WaaS system into play. Effectively, nWorkSpace handles many of these management features autonomously, taking care of not only hardware and software, but also application interactions and even some networking systems involved.

CloudJumper's president, JD Helms, commented “We are excited about this new group of professional IT service and software organizations joining the CloudJumper family of partners. We believe this move aligns with our stated goal of strategically expanding within the channel. Our sales, marketing, operational, and support frameworks are complementary, allowing us to add value and create profitable growth in the years ahead.”

With that kind of force behind it, CloudJumper's stock as a WaaS provider should only improve from there. The various MSPs and ISVs now connected to CloudJumper will have access to some exciting new options, and CloudJumper in turn will be all the more valuable for its new provision. That makes a more valuable prospect for the MSPs to offer up, and as is commonly the case with such an arrangement, allows for the win-win move that is a new tool getting access to a slate of new markets without having to do the sales legwork itself, while a set of new partners get to go back to the well of previous customers with a new tool on hand to make some new sales.

Though the details on this announcement are being kept comparatively quiet, it's a safe bet that this move in the MSP market will produce significant new value. Not just for CloudJumper, either, but for its new array of partners who can deliver better value with CloudJumper's systems than without.

Max Pruger, Chief Sales Officer at CloudJumper will take part in a session titled, "The Emergence of Workplace as a Service," happening at MSP Expo, which will explain the shift towards WaaS and how MSPs can take advantage of the opportunity. The event is collocated with ITEXPO which is taking place Feb.8-10 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  Hurry - there's still time to sign up!

Edited by Stefania Viscusi