MSP Today Expert Feature
January 10, 2017

Asia's Largest Wireless Carrier Selects MSP Evolving Systems

Having a total of more than 200 million subscribers for a wireless carrier in any other part of the world would be in incredible accomplishment, but in the Asia-Pacific region, the companies expect more. With 4.5 billion people and home to 60 percent of the world's population, this region is massive in every metric. So a company with over 200 million subscribers sees it can grow even more because of the sheer number of potential customers. This is why one of Asia's largest wireless carriers has chosen to use the managed service provider (MSP) expertise of Evolving Systems (News - Alert) to make it possible.

Although the wireless company was not named, Evolving Systems has revealed that it has chosen its Customer Acquisition and Activation Managed Service to support the acquisition, upgrades, upsell and activations for new and existing subscribers. As a global MSP provider, Evolving Systems currently supports 75 network operators in over 50 countries around the world with software and services for connected mobile devices.

Thomas Thekkethala, CEO of Evolving Systems, said his company was selected over competing solutions because of its managed services offerings. And according to Thekkethala, the acquisition of this customer is in part because the company started transitioning from a traditional license software sales model to a recurring revenue based, transaction-oriented managed services model.

Thekkethala went on to say, “The new Managed Services bundles our decade of experience and expertise in customer acquisition and activation with technology platforms implemented and operational at more than 25 global carriers. The combination delivers an unprecedented level of service and measurable results for our carrier customers and supports our goal of building long-term customer relationships and revenues.”

The new carrier will have services in place that will help accelerate its customer acquisition, empower multiple distribution channels, upsell subscribers, improve subscriber loyalty and monetize consumer information throughout their lifecycle. Once fully deployed, the carrier can start selling its products and services in a way that is more efficient and personalized to address the customers' needs.

The comprehensive MSP solutions Evolving Systems provides includes Real-time Lifecycle Marketing that is able to generate incremental revenue through mobile advertisements and offers that can be delivered at the right time, the right place and right context on any device over any mobile channel. According to the company, it can customize market proven templates to help monetize customer relationships and up-sell network services and open new channels for optimized and personalized third-party advertising revenues based on demographic, behavioral, location and contextual information.

Edited by Alicia Young