MSP Today Expert Feature
August 24, 2016

RigNet Lands Hefty Contract Renewal Addressing Offshore Drilling Fleet

RigNet is a familiar name for those in the offshore drilling industry, and in particular, for one unnamed global offshore driller who turned to RigNet in its entire marketable fleet. New word out of RigNet notes that that driller is sticking with RigNet, as it renewed a contract to provide several RigNet systems to the fleet.

Known as a provider of several different technology solutions, RigNet is set to offer software as a service (SaaS (News - Alert)) systems along with remote communication tools, including a very small aperture terminal (VSAT)-managed service to help drive operations. Several components make up a larger whole for RigNet systems, including the CrewWifi system over current managed services. Plus, RigNet will also offer Internet access systems as well as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, all of which are supported by a set of network operation centers.

President and CEO of RigNet Steven Pickett commented, “We are pleased that this global offshore driller has reinforced their confidence in RigNet by extending our contract and leveraging our SaaS offerings that improve crew welfare and operational performance. RigNet applications will enable all of our customers to experience enhanced productivity and operational efficiencies.”

Most are well aware by now that communications are vital to ongoing operations in pretty much any field one cares to name. This is easy to say, but in some cases, it's not easy to do; establishing communications platforms in offshore drilling platforms might be an exemplar of such difficulty in establishing communications. Thankfully, wireless communications have improved substantially over the years, such that providing voice and Internet service to even remote places is possible. With the rapidly-approaching release of 5G, meanwhile, we may have an even better platform to work from.

If RigNet takes advantage of that development, it may be able to offer users even more communications services. Most businesses likely will never need connection to an out-of-the way outlet like offshore drilling companies would, but if it works this well, it might do well for a rural outlet. Having rural outlets can be a problem—particularly in terms of available connection—but land and building prices can be much lower, and that could be an advantage for some firms.

Regardless of the platform, however, RigNet is clearly making strides here in keeping even remote operations connected. That's vital to ongoing operational health, and as the technology improves as well, RigNet will likely see plenty of interested customers looking to keep everyone—no matter the location—in touch. 

Edited by Alicia Young