MSP Today Expert Feature
July 08, 2016

Evolving Systems Renews Managed Services Agreement with Middle East Operator

Today's smart phones have the same computing capabilities of personal computers we used less than 10 years ago. This makes them an ideal device not only to communicate, but to also access and deliver large amounts of information. For mobile service providers making sense of this information allows them to deliver better services and understand the needs of the customer. The renewal of the Evolving Systems (News - Alert) Managed Services and its Real-time Lifecycle Marketing (RLM) platform, by a wireless Middle East operator highlights the need to have solutions that can make this possible.

According to Evolving Systems, the operator, which was not named, can use the RLM solution to gain valuable insights into user behavior, while at the same time being able to design, test and launch marketing strategies that will help the company acquire, activate, upsell and retain mobile subscribers.

The RLM platform is part of Evolving Systems' comprehensive solutions which it provides as software and services to 75 network operators in 50 countries around the world. This includes real-time analytics and marketing solutions to monetize mobile network services and consumer behavior.

Real-time Lifecycle Marketing uses this analytical capability to give operators the ability to monetize mobile advertisement and offers, which are delivered at the right time, the right place and right context on any device over any mobile channel without coming between the consumer and how they use their device.

Evolving Systems is able to achieve this by customizing its library of successful market proven templates to up-sell network services and open new channels for optimized and personalized third-party advertising revenues. The relationships operators have with their customers, along with their demographic, behavioral, location and contextual information is used to create and deploy highly personalized engagement campaigns.

The platform also monitors real-time customer events and behavioral patterns, which it then makes the decision to push the best possible match, or even go further and deliver a personalized offer or add to the customer.

Some of the key features of Real-time Lifecycle Marketing include, dynamic real-time profiling, real-time targeting, marketing expertise, telecom product upsell, real-time communication and fulfillment, massive scalability and more.

"We continue to demonstrate that we go beyond software solutions by delivering a broad range of managed services that complement our customers' own marketing initiatives and directly contribute to measurable revenue growth," said Thomas Thekkethala, Chief Executive Officer of Evolving Systems.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi